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American Diplomats in Pedophile Scandal

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From "Lawrence Blackstone Reports",
Date: June 16, 2004;
Revised, Posted: January 2, 2005
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El Monte, Phanupong Khisri . . . 

American Embassy and Consulate in Bangkok stink! 
And here's the reason why . . .  


The Christopher Richard Pedophile and Trafficking Ring:
Christopher Richard, Thomas Patrick Furey, Paul O. Mayer,  Ralph Leo ("Skip") Boyce Junior, Amarin Niemsakul, Kerkpong Pookpuyura (Kriekphong Phukprayoon) and others

The original article (Dec. 2005)

Bush (Jr.) Appointee conspired with Pedophiles and Traffickers in Children

US should recall ambassador to Thailand, Ralph Leo ("Skip") Boyce Junior

Thai government should have protested appointment of former Charge d'Affaires

The Bush Administration's nominee for ambassador to Thailand conspired with pedophiles and traffickers in children while charge d'affaires at the American Embassy in Thailand in the mid-1990's.

Ralph Leo ("Skip") Boyce, Jr., a career civil servant from Virginia who was recently American ambassador to Indonesia, and two American consular officials in Bangkok, Christopher Richard and Thomas Patrick Furey, conspired with pedophiles and traffickers in women and children to traffic prostitutes and children to Europe and the United States. They aided pedophiles and procurers in eluding the Thai police and escaping the country a decade ago.

In one glaring example of official misconduct, in August 1995, Richard, who was chief of the American Citizen Services section of the American Embassy in Bangkok, conspired with pedophiles in Belgium, Thailand and United States to defraud the Thai government and traffic a young Thai child to pedophiles in Belgium. Richard bribed and coerced Thai welfare, police and immigration officials to withdraw an official order to keep the child in Thailand. Thai officials had issued and enforced the order at the request of the child's American godfather. The child's mother, a Lao woman who worked as a bar maid, was part of a criminal gang of pedophiles, pimps and prostitutes operating in the notorious Thai resort town of Pattaya and in Antwerp, Belgium.

The child was procured to a pedophile and child trafficking gang in Belgium shortly afterward. His fate is unknown. Traffickers in children, operating with the complcitiy of Belgian and Thai officials of local government and "non-governmental organizations" ("NGO's") and international agencies, including the local branches of the Red Cross and UNICEF, have obstructed the family's efforts to trace the child.

Boyce ignored complaints about Richard's misconduct and warnings that the child was in peril. He ignored advice to alert the Thai government to the matter and urge it to recover the child. Boyce passed the buck to Furey, who offered the run-around, gave misleading information and, eventually, boasted of his complicity with the Belgian pedophile ring in his official correspondence.

Furey, a career civil servant from Oregon, is presently "Minister-Counselor for Consular Affairs" at the American Embassy in London.

Richard later conspired with top Thai police officials to block an investigation of the matter.

The source of several subsequent failed assassination attempts of the child's American godfather by the Thai police appears to have been the American Embassy in Bangkok. Embassy personnel also planted a front-page article in one of Bangkok's two English-language dailies to encourage the child's traffickers and assassins in the police.

The documentary evidence against Boyce, Furey and Richard is irrefutable. Their conduct was indefensible. The State and Justice Departments have been sitting on the evidence for nearly a decade, refusing to acknowledge its significance or implications.

It is inconceivable that anyone but the most corrupt and perverse American or Thai official would accept Boyce as American ambassador to Thailand. Yet, Boyce arrived in Bangkok in early January to take up the post.

The American government has limited the diplomatic immunity of its officials abroad. It should cancel Boyce's appointment. It should prosecute Boyce, Furey and Richard for their immoral and reprehensible behavior.

The Thai government should declare Boyce, Richard and Furey persona non grata and protest the nomination of Boyce as ambassador.

Lawrence Blackstone, Thailand

This article was posted in late December 2005 antitled: "Bush Appointee Conspired with Pedophiles and Traffickers in Children   -   US Should Recall New Ambassador to Thailand, Ralph Boyce  -   Thai Government Should Protest Appointment of former Charge d'Affaires




It's him!
Ralph Leo ("Skip") Boyce Junior
The worst American ambassador to Thailand in history


Ralph Leo ("Skip') Boyce, jr., Charge d'Affaires, American Embassy, Bangkok, Thailand, 1995

Name: Ralph L. Boyce
State of Residency: Virginia
Title: Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Appointment: July 2, 2004
Presentation of Credentials: March 9, 2005
Termination of Mission: Left post December 28, 2007


The following information is taken from various websites posted by the Public Affairs Section, U. S. Department of State:


Profile: Ralph L. "Skip" Boyce
Ambassador of the U. S. to the Kingdom of Thailand

A career member of the Senior Foreign Service, Ralph Boyce was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on June 25, 2004 and sworn in as the United States Ambassador to Thailand on December 15, 2004.

Before this assignment, Mr. Boyce served as Ambassador to Indonesia from October 2001 to October 2004. Prior to that, he was Deputy Assistant Secretary for East Asia and Pacific Affairs from August 1998 to July 2001. His area of responsibility included Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

Mr. Boyce entered the Foreign Service in 1976 and was assigned to Tehran as Staff Assistant to the Ambassador in September 1977. In September 1979 he was posted as Commercial Attache in Tunis. In September 1981, he was assigned to Islamabad as Financial Economist.

From July 1984 to August 1988, Mr. Boyce served in the State Department, first as Special Assistant and then as Advisor to the Deputy Secretary of State, responsible for the foreign affairs budget. In August 1988, he was assigned to Bangkok, Thailand, as Political Counselor, where he served until August 1992, when he was transferred to Singapore as Deputy Chief of Mission. From June 1993 until September 1994, Mr. Boyce was Charge d'Affaires, a.i., in Singapore during the absence of an Ambassador. In October 1994, he returned to Bangkok as Deputy Chief of Mission, where he served until August 1998.

Mr. Boyce was born February 1, 1952, in Washington, D.C. He obtained a B.A. from George Washington University in 1974 and an M.P.A. from Princeton University in 1976. He speaks Persian, French, and Thai. He is married to the former Kathryn Sligh. They have two children.


See also: 


http://www.nndb.com/people/939/000127558/  ;










What has happened to





January 24, 2008



Bush's nomination of Boyce as American ambassador to Thailand was confirmed by the

U. S. senate and Boyce began his thre-year tour in Thailand on January 1, 2005.


Boyce's will be remembered for the acrimony that he caused, essentially by


1) refusing, as chairman, to hold FTA talks with Thailand in the open;


2) lobbying the Thai government with American alcohol and tobacco company lobbyists to reduce the ban on advertising of alcohol and tobacco products;


3) opposing the local unlicensed reproduction of urgently needed AIDs-drugs; 


4) blaming the Thai junta for the advertising ban and unlicensed local manufacture of pharmaceuticals; and


5) refusing to express opposition to the unpopular Burmese junta. 


Boyce's three-year tour ended in late December 2007.


Following his tour as ambassador, Boyce left the foreign service, early, before his scheuled retirement, amid rumors that he was a figure in the international traffic in women and children and that he planned to resume lobbying in Thailand for American alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical interests.


Boyce is reportedly living now in Singapore where he has a post as senior research fellow at the Lee Kuan Yew Institute. In early February 2008, he was appointed president of the Boeing company's 

regional operations division, based in Singapore.  


The child-trafficking case mentioned above was brought to Boyce's attention in 1995, when he was Chief of Mission at the American Embassy in Bangkok, during a period when Thailand was without an American ambassador. Rather than alert the Thai goverment to the emergency, he chose to ignore the matter and collude instead with Furey and Richard of the consular section, who were in open conspiracy with the child's traffickers. 


Boyce's secretary reported that Boyce maintained that it was a consular matter and did not concern him.


Between Boyce's time as Chief of Mission and ambassador, there were three American ambassadors to Thailand. Each was asked to alert the Thai government to the matter and urge the child's recovery. They repeatedly refused. Their aides and secretaries explained that they refused to become involved, maintained that it was a consular matter and sent the requests to the consular section.


Only one ambassador, William H. Itoh, responded, acknowledging the request, with an official letter, in 1996. But he refused to take any action.


The next two ambassadors, Richard E. Hecklinger and Darryl N. Johnson, defered to the consuls, Richard, who replaced Furey, and then Alice Moore and Leslie Rowe. Moore and Rowe, and their aides, insisted that they could do nothing.


Hecklinger conspired with the pedophile ring and complicit American and Thai officials in the intimidation of witnesses.


An official cover-up of the conduct of Richard and Furey was attempted by embassy co-workers and State Department officials in Washington, D. C., while Itoh and Hecklinger were ambassadors.


There is evidence that Boyce, Richard, Furey and another consular official, Paul O. Mayer, were involved with international criminal gangs, including La Cosa Nostra and Chinese triads, in trafficking and procuring women and children for prostitution.  (It should be pointed out here that the CIA depends heavily on these organized crime networks, including the Yakuza, for such purposes.) 







Selected Visitors' Comments:






“Folks thought he did some sort of work for the government.”


Was Boyce a CIA agent?



A comment by Juan Tomas, Bangkok, February 13, 2008:


Is Boyce with the CIA? He probably is. Certainly a contact.


It appears that his father was.


Ralph L. Boyce Sr. of Virginia worked overseas for the U. S. Information Services, a well-known CIA front. Many, if not all, USIA officers were actually CIA operatives.


The USIA is now the State Department's Bureau of Public Affairs.


I'm going to have a look around. I have lots of contacts. I'll let you know what I find. It's likely that Boyce got his job through his father or his father's contacts.  


The following is an excerpt from Boyce Senior's obituary:


Ralph Boyce Sr. Dies; USIA Officer Overseas
From: The Washington Post
Date: December 4, 2002


Ralph L. Boyce Sr., 83, an officer of the U.S. Information Agency who retired in 1975 as director of USIA field activities in Japan, died of congestive heart failure Nov. 28 at his home in Fauquier County (editor: Virginia).


Mr. Boyce was born in Worcester, Massachusetts. Before World War II, he was a newspaper reporter in New Haven, Connecticut. During the war, he served in the Army Air Forces in the Pacific as a correspondent for military publications. In this capacity, he participated in combat air missions, served aboard a navy PT boat and took part in the invasion of the island of Leyte in the Philippines led by Gen. Douglas A. MacArthur.


After the war, Mr. Boyce joined the staff of Army Times in Washington. In the 1950s, he was an information officer with the Marshall Plan for the economic rehabilitation of postwar Europe. He was later a communications adviser to the governments of Taiwan, the Philippines and South Vietnam. He then joined USIA, where he was an information officer in Pakistan and director of field activities in Japan.


Upon retiring from federal service, he moved to Front Royal, Virginia, where he owned an operated the Cool Harbor Motel and sold real estate for Long and Foster. He sponsored a World War II airplane restoration program.


Washington Post









Message by Benjamin Eglinton, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, December 18, 2008.


Boyce CIA?


Who are you kidding?


He’s just a turd from the State Department.


The State Department is so desperate for employees today it will hire any mule.




A message from Morton Gervis, Santa Clara, California, September 11, 2009
Was Ralph Leo Boyce Sr. a CIA agent?
He worked for the USIA, so you can be sure that he was.
What does that mean in regard to Boyce Jr.?
Work and job contacts. Social life. He'll fetch someone at the airport if asked. That sort of thing. Boyce probably got some positions through his father's CIA contacts.
In any case, a large percentage of Foreign Service personnel have something to do with the CIA. That is one way to get a job with the government and ensuring continued employment in government and government-contracted business.
A message from William Oran, Savannah, Georgia, January 10, 2010
Boyce Sr. was with the USIA for a while. If he was ever with the CIA that would have been the time.
He was not with the OSS because MacArthur didn't trust the OSS and didn't allow the OSS in his theatre.
A message from Richard Williams, Geneva, Switizerland, August 12, 2011
The CIA is just a mafia.
Its biggest job is procuring prostitutes.
Then it bumps off people.
It engages in piracy.
No intellectual capacity at all.
George Bush Sr., who was once CIA director, was appalled by how dumb CIA heads and field agents were. He said he could get better and more recent information in the New York Times.
A message from Arthur Rogesberg, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, April 13, 2012
The children and even the grandchildren of some long-deceased CIA agents are met at the airport by an embassy car and put up at embassy expense whenever they go abroad. But they have nothing to do with the US government.  
Years ago, the Israeli MOSAD or Nazi-hunters discovered that American relatives of Nazis were getting this VIP treatment from American embassies and tracked down some Nazis that way.

"Like, it’s only a day gig, man!"


Just diggin' the scene


Message from Bertrand Woolings, Bangkok, January 8, 2005

Dear Mr. Blackstone,
The American State Department official, Ralph Leo ("Skip") Boyce, assumed the post of American Ambassador to Thailand, at the American Embassy in Bangkok on Monday, January 3, 2005.
I was in Thailand at the time of the incident that you related in your article. I remember it well. It shocked and disgusted the American community.
Boyce's appointment is a perverse gesture of definace by the many degenerates   -   especially homosexuals, pedophiles and prostitutes   -   who seem to have the run of the State Department, and Washington, D. C., in general.
It is a shame that Thailand has allowed Boyce on Thai soil. This is a clear signal that Thailand remains a country where perverts of every description are free do as they wish and, what is far worse, that they can expect the help of Thai officials to do it.
Bertram Woolings





Would you buy a used car from a State Department employee?


"Did you say they have diplomatic immunity?" 


From Alexis Hart, Bangkok, January 13, 2005


Regarding Ralph Boyce:

I too heard of the matter that Mr. Blackstone wrote about, when it happened in Thailand, almost ten years ago.

There are occasional scandals at the American embassy in Bangkok that the general public in Thailand reads or hears about. Usually, these scandals concern the issuance of visas to unqualified Thais; or the denial of visas to Thais who qualify for them; or long, undue and unexplained delays in the issuance of new passports to Americans and other delayed legal paper work.

But there is scandalous conduct at the American embassy in Bangkok that the public does not read about and may not hear about. These scandals concern embassy personnel who are caught smuggling stolen antiquities, pornography and drugs; pimping; whoring; trafficking in men, women and children; pursuing homosexual affairs; pedophilia; shoplifting; stealing jewelry; running up and skipping out on bills; charging vast sums of money for personal expenses to State Department accounts; stealing money from charge card accounts of visiting American tourists or expatriates; spying for other countries, usually by selling classified documents to unauthorized persons; conspiring with local cops and lawyers to arrest American expatriates and tourists on false charges and extort money from them; conspiring to murder local American expatriates and tourists; conspiring to cover up suspicious circumstances of the deaths of Americans, and more.

What the general public has noticed over the years is that mission and consular staff have grown increasingly corrupt and unreliable. Embassy personnel are also less educated today than before. Many of them cannot write a decent sentence. Many cannot put two intelligible words together when speaking.

Like Ralph Boyce, the last three American ambassadors to Thailand - Ito, Richard Hecklinger, Darryl Johnson - were very mediocre civil servants, desk-jobbers who drifted up the ranks of the civil service and paid for ambassadorships toward the end of their careers. They could not be relied upon in emergencies. They caused problems for others, sometimes deliberately.

The incident that Mr. Blackstone described was a deliberate conspiracy by American, Belgian and Thai pedophiles in Bangkok, Pattaya and Belgium to pervert an innocent child and thwart rescue attempts. The officials concerned believed they could get away with it because they had diplomatic immunity.

Lex Hart





Or sell your house to one?

Comment from Fred Womack, Bangkok, September 20, 2005

Every year, there are more homosexuals, prostitutes and pedophiles in the U. S. government. They are especially in the State Department. They always have been. If there are homos in the government, the first place one would expect to find them would be in the State Department.

Bangkok has always been a posting that homosexuals and pedophiles in the State Department sought because the native population has an extremely high rate of homosexuality, pedophilia and prostitution.

Sexual deviants are not normal people and they should not be trusted with consular affairs or affairs of state.

Years ago, it was possible to keep the number

 of sexual deviants posted to an embassy down. Today, that is no longer possible. And it is going to get worse.



"Sooner or later, Mr Fowler, one has to take sides if one is to remain human."
Comment from Henry Franklin, April 21, 2005:
I was irked by a remark by the current American ambassador to Thailand, Ralph Leo ("Skip") Boyce, Jr., about the Thai government's reluctance to criticize the oppressive Burmese junta, in one of Bangkok's English-language daily newspapers, The Nation, on April 22.

Asked it the American government should pressure the Thai government to stop acquiescing to the Burmese junta, Boyce replied that the matter of Thailand's response to the junta was entirely it's own business.

Boyce's remark was inappropriate and, in fact, out of line. Washington has repeatedly criticized the Burmese junta and recently expressed its annoyance at Thailand's unyielding support of the junta.

A former American Ambassador to Thailand, William A. Brown, repeatedly made clear his opposition to the junta and its human rights abuses, long before Washington had anything to say. He never deferred to the Thais, as Boyce does.

It appears that Boyce would like an easy time of it. If he can't take the heat, he should go home. He could at least read the newspapers.

Henry Franklin, Bangkok

Ed.: The above appeared also as a letter to the editors in The Nation in slightly edited form.

Ed.: Willam Andreus Brown was American ambassador to Thailand from 1985 to 1988. In a lecture at a seminar on Burma in Thailand in the mid-1990s, when Thai government leaders were reluctant to criticize the Burmese military dictatorship, Brown spoke out against the Burmese junta and backed the democratic forces in Burma.


Just another foreign service employee with a speech impediment
A Comment from Paul T. Donetz of Mae Hong Son, Thailand, September 20, 2005:
There is great and growing universal concern about the long collaboration of Thai government officials with the oppressive Burmese military dictatorship against the democracy movement in Burma. 
I should like to point out, in respect to the comment of Henry Franklin about a remark by the current American ambassdor to Thailand, Ralph Boyce, jr., to a Bangkok daily newspaper, The Nation, about Thailand's conduct toward Burma, that Boyce made a similar remark to a newspaper published in Thailand by exiles from Burma, The Irrawaddy, on February 10, 2005.
The Irrawaddy recalled that the U. S. had "clamped economic and political sanctions (against Burma) because of Rangoon’s poor human rights record and apparent reluctance to relax its military dictatorship".
According to The Irrawaddy, Boyce "made it clear that he was in no position to comment on US relations with Burma."
It's like saying "No comment"
It would have been more appropriate thing to answer the question properly, as required and expected. Instead, he ran away from the matter.
Paul T. Donetz, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Junta stooge, errand boy or beggar?
A visitor's comment from Victor Dennison of Bangkok, November 1, 2005:
It seems that the current American ambassador to Thailand, Ralph Leo Boyce, jr., is in the pay of the Burmese junta. Either that or he hopes Rangoon will be his next posting and fears ruffling the generals' feathers. It is possible, too, that Boyce expects the Burmese democracy forces to bribe him to fall into line behind his bosses in Washington, D. C., who already support the democracy movement in Burma.  
Victor Dennison
Chiang Mai

Thaksin sucks!
Comment by William T. Harrington, Bangkok, January 23, 2006
It is possible also that Ralph Boyce, the current American ambassador to Thailand, is taking his cue from the Thai Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, and Thai Foreign Minister, Surakiart Sathirathai, who are both puppets of the oppressive Burmese junta and oppose the Burmese democracy movement.

"Psst! Hey, kid! Wanna see some dirty pictures?"
Thais denounce Boyce
A comment from Jonathon Vassasame in Bangkok, September 1, 2006:
Washington D. C.’s recall of the current American ambassador to Thailand, Ralph Leo (Skip) Boyce junior, is long overdue.        
In flagrant violation of State Department regulations, Boyce is now lobbying the Thai government on behalf of American alcohol and tobacco business interests.
See the following articles for details:
"US envoy under fire after meeting with Phinij (Thai Public Health minister)  -   Ambassador supports 'alcohol tobacco firms'", Bangkok Post, August 26, 2006, (Boyce is described as "totally despicable and immoral") (Commentary on the website):
(scroll down a quarter of the page to find the article);
"Anti-tobacco body slams Boyce action", The Nation, August 26, 2006 (Curiously, The Nation did not mention the alcohol industry):
"Thai anti-tobacco groups slam US ambassador", Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa), Aug 25, 2006 (This article contained more details than the Bangkok Post and The Nation:
Boyce clearly values the bribes he collects from American producers and distributors of alcohol and tobacco more than the reputation of the diplomatic mission and the country he represents. If Boyce and the private businesses that bought him have their way the nation’s youths will be wasting their money and smoking and drinking themselves to death.     
Thailand should rid itself of this pervert who conspires with traffickers in women and children to procure children to pedophile and prostitution rings abroad. Thailand should rid itself of this obnoxious crook who condones and encourages Thai government officials’ support of the Burmese military dictatorship.    
Thailand must protest Boyce's shameful behavior in the strongest terms and demand his immediate replacement.       
Jonathon Vassasame   
Ed: For more articles on this subject, see:
Asia Times (Online), Southeast Asia (section), September 7, 2006;
ASIA HAND (column): "Stand up to Uncle Bully" By Shawn W Crispin,
If unable to access the above websites, click here:



News and Opinion Blackout over Incident


A comment by John Apweil, Bangkok, September 2, 2006


Why hasn’t the Thai press followed up on the Boyce fiasco?


For years, parents and doctors in Thailand pushed for a reduction of advertising of tobacco and alcohol. Earlier this year, Thailand’s most popular politician, General Chamlong Srimuang (“Mr. Clean”), led large angry protests against the planned listing of Thailand biggest brewery on the Thai stock exchange and succeeded in blocking it. Earlier this year, all convenience stores were compelled to remove cigarette packs and cartons from public view.


But on August 24, the American ambassador to Thailand, Ralph Boyce, lobbied the Thai Minister of Public Health with representatives of the American alcohol and tobacco industries. 


Boyce’s conduct was in open violation of State Department regulations and Boyce drew immediate criticism from the Health Promotion Institute. Indeed, Boyce’s behavior was inexcusable. Further, since Boyce was to chair Free Trade Association (FTA) talks, which are on hold until there is a new government, there is sufficient cause for his recall by Washington, D. C. 


Articles about Boyce’s conduct appeared in the Bangkok Post and The Nation on August 25. There appeared also a Deutsche Press Agentur article, which contained much more detail. A local website, Critics and Monsters, posted a comment about the matter with the Post article.


In its article, The Nation mentioned only the tobacco industry. It omitted mention of the American alcohol industry.


Curiously, ThaiDay, a daily English-language newspaper distributed nation-wide within the International Herald Tribune, failed to mention the matter entirely. ThaiDay is published by Sondhi Limthongkul, the local journalist and publisher who has spearheaded the popular year-long campaign to force the present Thai prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, from power.


There were no editorials or opinion columns in the English-language dailies. No letters appeared, although some of my friends wrote to the editors.


There has been no official comment about Boyce’s misconduct by the American embassy in Bangkok or the State Department or Bush administration in Washington, D. C. 


Many suspect that the editors and publishers of ThaiDay, the Bangkok Post and The Nation were bribed to drop the Boyce matter or warned by the American embassy in Bangkok that visas to the United States would be denied or revoked if they pursued it. Indeed, the embassy frequently asks the local press to publish an article, to the embassy’s specification, or to drop a matter.


Also, alcohol and tobacco industries pay for considerable advertising in the Thai media. This might account for the press’s failure to follow up.


John Apweil




Philip Morris is up your hole!


Boyce is unfit to chair FTA talks


A comment by Jacques Best, New York, N. Y., September 6, 2006:


As Free Trade Association (FTA) negotiations between Thailand and the United States got under way in Bangkok earlier this year, Thais complained about the secrecy in which the negotiations were being conducted and protested that most Thais were being kept in the dark.


The American ambassador, Ralph Leo Boyce junior, who was chairman of the FTA negotiations, argued that to disclose details of the negotiations could arouse the public and subject the negotiators to pressure that would hinder their work.

By lobbying the Thai government with American alcohol and tobacco businesses against State Department regulations recently, Boyce displayed unscrupulous and duplicitous behavior and demonstrated his untrustworthiness as chairman of FTA negotiations.
Given Boyce’s recent misconduct, Thais have all the more reason to demand full openness in FTA negotiations and, indeed, Boyce's recall by Washington, D. C.


Jacques Best
New York





In the end, Good triumphed over Evil
Alcohol advertising ban in Thailand goes into effect on December 5, 2006
A comment by Visith Onta-in, Bangkok, October 14, 2006:
As of  December 5, the King's birthday, advertising alcohol will be banned in Thailand. In other words, it will be illegal to advertise alcohol. There is already a ban on advertising cigarettes.
Last August, the American ambassador to Thailand, Ralph Boyce, led a group of lobbyists from leading American alcohol and tobacco interests to the Thai Minister of Health in the hope of getting the bans abandoned, lifted or cut back to allow them to advertise their products in Thailand.
Boyce's conduct violated the State Department 's regulations of conduct. Given his responsibilities as American negotiator in Free Trade Association (FTA) talks with Thailand, this was a particularly serious violation.
Boyce will be unable to offer any reasonable rational for his conduct to his superiors in Washington, D. C., and he should be recalled. He should be dismissed from the foreign service and subject to other disciplinary measures.   

U. S. Congressmen Call for Investigation of Boyce
A comment by Carl Kremer, Washington, D. C., December 15, 2006:
It was in Thailand's biggest English-language daily newspaper, the Bangkok Post, this morning, December 15, 2006:
The American ambassador to Thailand, Ralph Leo ("Skip") Boyce junior, is to be taken to task by the US Congress.  
Boyce is to be investigated for his role in lobbying the Thai government for American alcohol and tobacco 
business interests last August. Boyce and the companies wanted the Thai government to reduce bans on advertising of alcohol and tobacco.
According to the Bangkok Post: "Two US congressmen have asked for an inquiry into US ambassador Ralph Boyce for possible violation of an amendment prohibiting US officials from promoting the sale of tobacco products . . . The congressmen questioned Mr Boyce's coordinating of a meeting of US industry representatives, including that of Philip Morris, with Health Minister Phinij Jarusombat in August . . . the meeting was to protest advertising restrictions on cigarettes . . . the US congressmen expressed concern that it may have ''contravened'' the Doggett Amendment, which prohibits key government agencies from promoting the sale of tobacco products overseas, or working to reduce other countries' non-discriminatory tobacco control regulations."
Of course, Boyce was caught red-handed. But he probably thinks he can pay his way out of it. 
The Nation, Thailand's second largest English-language daily newspaper, did not run a story about the Boyce affair today. Note that its reporting of the scandal thus far has been limited.
Friends and relatives of the Thai child who was trafficked to a pedophile ring in Belgium by American embassy personnel should press congressmen to take Boyce to task for his role in that affair too.   

Editor’s note: Two articles about the Boyce scandal appeared in the Bangkok Post, on December 15 and 16, 2006 (see below). The Nation did not publish anything.




Calls for probe into US-Thai tobacco meet


Bangkok Post, December 15, 2006





Boyce not queried by DC yet


Bangkok Post, December 16, 2006




Envoy's appraisal of climate for investment must be taken in context of his past actions, The Nation, Letters, April 2, 2007:




For discussion of the above, which was dceleted by the editors of The Nation after several days, see:





If the above websites to do work, go to:







Boyce treated Thailand like a Banana Republic


A Comment from Frank Rolf, Thailand,
January 15, 2008:
At last, after three long, unpleasant years, Thailand is free of a big nuisance. Ralph Leo ("Skip") Boyce Junior's tour as American Ambassador to Thailand ended with the old year.
Before he was ambassador, Boyce, as Chief of Mission in Bangkok in the mid-1990s, conspired withCentral Intelligence Agency (C. I. A.) operatives at the embassy in an international pedophile and prostitution ring.

Boyce, as ambassador, pressured the Thai government to remove or reduce bans on advertising of alcohol and tobacco products.

Boyce tried also to get the Thai government to stop the local production of desperately needed American AIDs drugs without license.

When Boyce failed, he blamed the Thai junta and lack of democracy in the country.

While Washington, D. C., condemned the oppressive Burmese military dictatorship, Boyce, alone among foreign envoys in Thailand, refused to criticize the Burmese generals; instead he ducked questions, gave meaningless answers and deferred lamely to the Thai government, which backed the Burmese dictatorship, as if he were in the pay of the Burmese generals or expected his next posting to be Burma.
(Now, he is planting more meaningless remarks about Burma in U. S.-funded overseas press orgs, as if he thought he could fool anyone.)  

Thailand should declare Boyce persona non grata. Otherwise, he will return as a lobbyist for Phillip Morris or Abbott Labs.
At least, now that Boyce is gone, we won't have his cornball jazz band concerts, which, by the way, were paid for with State Department funds.
We do a brisk business.
A note from Jackson Thompson of Peking, May 20, 2009:
Read the article "Studies point to big firms' dirty tactics," in the Bangkok Post, December 24, 2008:
(I'm sorry, but I tried very hard and could only get it on an internet porn site. Anyway, you see the article.)
A lot more could be said, like how companies like Philip Morris bribed Ralph Boyce. 
Jackson Thompson, Peking  




Boyce's conduct a flagrant violation of UN treaty banning tobacco advertising


Was he threatened with dismissal from the diplomatic corps?


A message from Antoni Liguri, Geneva, Switzerland, July 23, 2008:


All 195 member nations of the United Nations' World Heath Organization (WHO) signed the Framework Convention of Tobacco Control (FCTC) requiring severe restrictions on all forms of tobacco advertising. The treaty took effect in 2005.


Ralph Boyce, American Ambassador to Thailand, lobbied the Thai government to allow American alcohol and tobacco companies to advertise their products after Thailand had signed the treaty. This was deliberate act of misconduct by Boyce.


In response to complaints about Boyce's misconduct, the State Department in Washington, D. C. eventually announced that Boyce's conduct would be reviewed but nothing more was ever said. However, Boyce left the Foreign Service after his tour of duty in Thailand and before reaching the mandatory age of retirement.


It is possible that Boyce was left no choice but to leave the diplomatic corps after a review of his conduct by the State Department.




Boyce was let go


"Can I keep the condo in Pattaya?"


A message from V. Krasinski in Washington, D. C., January 27, 2010


Boyce was let go by the State Department.


There were too many complaints about Boyce during his tour as ambassador to Thailand. He used the position purely for personal financial gain. There was evidence that he was working for a criminal underworld network or an industrial espionage ring. So, before he left Thailand at the end of his tour he was informed by the State Department in Washington, D. C. that he was "under investigation" and could not receive another posting.


Boyce got his job for Boeing in Singapore through contacts. What he is doing there should be of concern to the Justice Department.


V. Krasinski

Washington, D. C.





Parents must remain vigilant


The spector of Boyce 


Another nail in the coffin



"US liquor, tobacco firms out", Bangkok Post, October 29, 2010:



Thailand has adopted the World Health Organisation's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control as a basis for its strict anti-tobacco policies.

The FCTC requires restrictions on all forms of tobacco advertising, trade, sponsorship and promotion. It also calls for measures to protect the public from tobacco smoke, taxation on tobacco, pictorial health warnings on packaging and an end to duty-free tobacco sales.



Ban on advertising now almost total


A comment by Jock McIntyre, Melbourne, Australia, November 1, 2014


Today, 85% of every cigarette pack sold in Thaland is covered with health warnings. This is not unique. Throughout the world, it is the same. But in some countires it is less than 85%. It has been a long, slow process. The Thai government wants the entire pack covered with warnings and, rest assured, that will be done eventually. 


Just think back to the 1960s when you could smoke a cigarette anywhere   -   petrol station, library, movie theatre, airplane.


Look at photos of college classrooms in the 1940s and you see the students smoking pipes and cigarettes.


In the 1960s you could smoke anywhere on an airplane. Even after the cause of numerous fatal plane crashes was attributed to smoking on-board, it took years for the airlines to limit smoking on planes. First, no smoking during take-offs and landings and excessive turbulence. Then, much later, no smoking in your seat or in the totilets was permitted. You could only smoke, standing, in the back of the plane. But it took many years to ban smoking on planes altogether.





Thailand to raise smoking age to 20


November 12, 2016


The age of majority in Thaiand is eighteen.


According ti the Bangkok Post  today the Thai 

parliament has decided that tobacco should not be sold to anyone under twenty. The matter is to be considered in more detail. 


See: http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/1133157/nla-raises-legal-age-for-tobacco-to-20


- Ed.







Hard up, I guess


Why did the Boeing Co. choose Boyce to head its regional operations?


Click here for the news, 021208:





A message from xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, July 23, 2008:


How did Boyce get to Boeing? What is he doing there?






Wierd people in the company?


A comment by Juan Tomas, Bangkok, February 13, 2008:


Indeed, why did the Boeing Company hire Ralph L. Boyce Jr. to head its regional operations, based in Singapore? Boyce is not a space or aviation expert. And he made himself unpopular in Thailand while he was ambassador.






Going against the grain


A message from Thomas Antonius, Singapore, August 16, 2008


The World Health Organization (WHO) recently praised Thailand for its efforts to curb drinking and smoking, especially among youths, through its imposition of government bans on advertising of alcohol and tobacco products.


However, Thailand is simply falling in line behind many other countries, especially in Europe, in banning advertising of alcohol and tobacco products.


Ralph Boyce must rate as the one of worst American ambassadors to Thailand in the history of American and Thai diplomatic relations.


Naturally, one must question why Boeing would hire Boyce as its representative in Singapore.





Thailand bans sale of alcohol within 300 metres of schools


A message from Nicholas Riss, Bangkok, July 17, 2015


Thailand has officially banned the sale of alcohol within 300 metres of schools. That means stores close to schools can no longer sell alcohol after early August 2015. Stores near schools must clear their shelves of all alcohol. The ban does not apply to hotels and entertainment zones.


The current legal drinking age in Thailand is 20.






Idiots, dumb hics and little shits can make quite an impression on the natives



A comment by David Woolding, Newark, N. J., February 20, 2008:


What is Ralph Boyce doing in the position of president of the Boeing Company’s regional operations division in Singapore?


Relax! It's just a public relations post.


And he won’t be winning any hearts and minds.





Check it out!


About Boyce . . . . Do you think Nazis in the CIA could have gotten the job at Boeing for him?


John Hastings, London, U. K., March 3, 2008






KGB more likely


A message from Donald Wims, Miami, Florida, January 31, 2011


Do you mean the Army Counter-Interlligence Corps (C. I. C.}?


I didn't know they were still around.


It would be worth checking to see if any of the State Department officials mentioned on this website, or their parents and grandparents, had any involvement with C. I. C. in post-war Germany or Asia.


After the war, in the late 1940s and early 1950s, many with the Axis war criminals bought out of jail. Some even bought positions with the U. S. government. Usually, they used cold hard cash. Some lent their "expertise". But sometimes prostitution and pedophilia were offered.  






Boyce and his pals using Boeing as cover


"Has this been on the TV shows 'Cold Case Files' or 'Investigative Reports'?"


In late July or early August 2010, Lycos/Tripod blocked this website.


Initially Lycos claimed that the website "violated terms of service".


When asked for details, Lycos replied that the site contained remarks considered defamatory toward a "company".


Eventually, Lycos said that the "company" concerned was Boeing.


However, when asked which remarks on the site defamed Boeing, Lycos pointed to the comment that four current or former State Department employees worked with organized underworld criminal networks like the Sicilian-American Mafia and Chinese Triads to traffic women and children to the U. S. and other countries for prostitution and illicit labor.


Only one of the four persons named in the website's comment referred to by Lycos, Ralph Leo (“Skip”) Boyce Junior, was employed by Boeing. The three others named were Christopher Richard, Thomas P. Furey and Paul O. Mayer. The State Department claims Richard is still in its employ. Furey seems to have left the civil service. Mayer is currently U. S. consul in Montreal.


It is doubtful that Boeing would authorize an employee to use the company’s name to back his denial of ties to organized crime or back his defense of other former State Department employees who have no ties to Boeing.


Lycos was assured that there was considerable evidence that all four were involved in organized crime.


- Webmaster





US Congress should investigate Boeing-Boyce link


A mesaage from Randall Merryman, Honolulu, January 12, 2011 


U. S. Congress should investigate Boyce again.


Congressmen forced Boyce's ouster from the State Department. Now they should force his ouster from Boeing.


In fact, there is talk in Washington, D. C., of summoning Boyce to Washington to answer questions about his employment by Boeing in Singapore.






He's farting above his ass


Boyce most likely behind site blockage.


A comment by Fred Clay, Duluth, Minnesota, October 6, 2010


In the past ten years, Boyce was behind the blockage, removal or deletion of numerous critical blogs, websites and letters to the editors and articles printed in big city newspapers that appeared on the Internet.

So, I think it is safe to say that it was Ralph Boyce, waving Boeing credentials, who was behind the recent blockage of this site.


And some stupid people at Lycos who listened to him.





Smoking on planes


A message from Felipe Martinez, Manila, April 10, 2013


Do you think it's true that Boyce and his pals are trying to get lawmakers to scrap the smoking ban on airplanes?


That would be a shame. It took decades to get a full ban on smoking on board planes.







Openly Gay in the city 


Is his pen name Jeff Gannon? 


Boyce is still around


Message from Terry J. North, Bangkok, December 10, 2011:


Just thought I'd let you know. Ralph Boyce is still around. Hangs out at Jim Thompson House in Bangkok. 


He just wrote a book about the O. S. S. in Siam after WW2 






Do you think the Council on Foreign Relations is all that those Third World Americans say it is?


A message from Joe Blad in Manila, August 20, 2012


I read Jerry North's comment about Ralph Boyce. But Boyce has not written any books. And nothing about the OSS has come out recently. So, what is North talking about?


There was a book about Jim Thompson last year. It was by one of Boyce's friends, a photographer. It read like an English-to-English machine translation of the only other book that was written about Jim Thompson  decades ago. 


Thailand is a sick place. Weirdos publishing biographies about famous deceased persons, stealing material from others . . .







Some stay in Thailand too long


An email message from T. C. Moleston, Hamilton, Bermuda, November 16, 2012


I never expected to read about Jim Thompson on such a website.


It's because of a little ass-hole in the Foreign Service.


Thompson fought with the French Resistance. That's all anyone needs to know. Who the hell cares what he did after the war?


But the two books about him don't say much about the war.


And they give the impression that after the war he was the Ugly American and all his visitors petty civil servants and junketeers from the US government.





Maybe he was another expert on terrorism


Message from Elmer Lipton, Riverside, California, April 11, 2013  


What is Ralph Boyce doing at Jim Thompson House?


Boyce was behind the recent book on Thompson and he wanted something for it. Boyce is trying to impress the American upper class and high Thai society with his cute lower class manners and tastes.


The book about Thompson wasn’t any good. It was meant to be publicity for Boyce.




"Can't Get No Worse"


Message from Troy Monath, Calais, Maine, June 2, 2013


Boyce was without doubt the worst American ambassador Thailand ever had. The record speaks for itself.


And Boyce was also the most corrupt and most obnoxious American ambassador the Thais ever saw.


But he was a little shit.


If anyone can recall a worse ambassador, let me know.







Just the tip of the iceberg


Other American Embassy officials complicit 


Between the time that Ralph Boyce was charge d'affaires and chief of mission in 1995 and ambassador in 2005, there were three ambassadors:


William H. Itoh,


Richard E. Hecklinger and


Darryl N. Johnson



William H. Itoh
Who was William H. Itoh? Anybody know?

William H. Itoh

Name: William H. Itoh
State of Residency: New Mexico
Title: Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Appointment: Dec 19, 1995
Presentation of Credentials: February 20, 1996
Termination of Mission: Left post February 1, 1999

William H. Itoh


"Woe to you! So sorry! No can do!"
A message from Ned Mertz, Bangkok, October 30, 2010
Itoh was the only U. S. ambassador of the four involved in a particular case mentioned on this site to respond by mail to requests to alert Belgian and Thai authorities of the fate of a Thai child kidnapped and trafficked by a Belgian and Thai pedophile ring with the complicity of American embassy staff. 
But Itoh did nothing.

Richard E. Hecklinger

Richard E. Hecklinger

Richard E. Hecklinger

Name: Richard E. Hecklinger
State of Residency: Virginia
Title: Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Appointment: December 1, 1998
Presentation of Credentials: March 9, 1999
Termination of Mission: Left post December 21, 2001

Some believe Hecklinger was a C. I. A. Operative . . .
There is documentarty evidence that he was. But some think that would be crediting him with much. But these days, you know, anybody . . .
A comment by Name Withheld, January 30, 2007 
I can confirm that the former American ambassador to Thailand, Richard E. Hecklinger, is an operative of the U. S. Central Intellligence Agency. He signed up when a student with the understanding that the CIA would pave the way for him in a career in public service.
Hecklinger is presently one of numerous deputy secretaries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which is headquartered in Paris, France.
If you wish to have more information, please contact me. For the time being you can view the website: http://www.namebase.org/xhas/Richard-E-Hecklinger.html

"I don' know nothin'."
Hecklinger colluded in the obstruction of child recovery efforts and the intimidation of witnesses
A comment by Name Withheld Upon Request, January 31, 2007:
Richard E. Hecklinger was American ambassador to Thailand from 1997 to 2001. During that time he conspired with consular officials complicit in the traffic in women and children for prostitution and pedophilia to cover up the Christopher Richard and Thomas Patrick Furey affairs, to obstruct child recovery efforts, and to obstuct complainants. He conspired with Thai officials who are notorious in the traffic in women and children. 
The embassy in Bangkok trafficked hundreds of women to the United States to work as prostitutes and in work camps. Many children were also sent.    
In other words, was he a pervert on the loose? Or did he do what he did for a pedophile ring under instructions from his handlers in the CIA?
Double Agents?
A comment by Name Withheld Upon Request, April 11, 2008:
It might interest you to know that Hecklinger, Johnson and Boyce are long-time double agents.
Don't trust anyone in the C. I. A.
Don't trust anyone in the State Department.
Don't trust anyone with U. S. law enforcement agencies overseas.
They are often hired by individuals, companies and states to spy and provide information.

Darryl Norman Johnson
Darryl Norman Johnson fronting for American drug companies in Thailand

Darryl N. Johnson

Name: Darryl N. Johnson
State of Residency: Washington
Title: Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Appointment: November 26, 2001
Presentation of Credentials: March 29, 2002
Termination of Mission: Left post December 28, 2004

Darryl Norman Johnson

"If Boyce can do it, why can't I?"
A comment by Rafer Bass, New York, February 3, 2007:
Former U. S. ambassador to Thailand, Darryl Norman Johnson, is back in Thailand , trading on his former position. He is employed now as a lobbyist for American pharmaceutical companies.
Johnson is urging the Thai Ministry of Health to prevent Thai pharmaceutical companies from manufacturing medicine that Thailand imports from the American firms.
The Thai companies are within their international rights to produce the medicine on their own, without licensing from the U. S., because the medicine, including an anti-AIDS drug, is considered life-saving and urgently needed by people in Thailand.
Johnson and the American pharmaceutical companies, however, don't want to lose the business they will give up if Thailand stops importing medicine from the U. S. and manufactures it locally.
Thailand should check to see if Johnson's conduct is in line with U. S. government regulations regarding present and former government employees.
Many foreign service officials believe that Johnson's conduct is unscrupulous, unethical and highly inappropriate. Perhaps Johnson thinks that the current American ambassador to Thailand, Ralph L. Boyce, who lobbied the same ministry, the Ministry of Health, for a reduction of the ban on advertising of American alcohol and tobacco products last August, has rewritten the rules of conduct.  
For details above, read an article in The Nation on January 31, 2007: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/2007/01/31/national/national_30025573.php 
US looses out
Treating Thailand like a little shit backfires
EU to supply cheap Anti-HIV drugs to Thailand
A comment by Red Harris of Vancouver, B. C., November 1, 2010: 
Have you read the news?
The European Union will supply Thailand with cheap Anti-HIV drugs.



Tell Norman Johnson he can shove it!

Free HIV drugs now available in Thailand without restriction

A comment by Poy Lemdaeng, Korat, Thailand, October 2, 2014

For some time now, Thais have been getting HIV drugs free. That is how it should be. Whenever there is a pandemic, victims should not be charged for emergency care. That is the only way to contain the spread of disease.

And now there is to be a national monitoring system too..

According to an article in the Bangkok Post on October 2, 2104, there are almost half a million people with AIDS in Thailand. Until now, only half of them were getting free HIV drugs. 

The cost of distributing free drugs to HIV patients will be about 400 billion baht ($12.5 billion).

Shits like Norman Johnson should not be foreign ambassadors. They should be registered lobbyists for private American pharmaceutical companies and persona non grata in Thailand 

The article is titled Patients to receive free HIV drugs on page 2.

Read the article at:



Some Perverts with Diplomatic Immunity
It'a nine o'clock. Do you know where your children are?
American Consulate in Bangkok 
Christopher Richard


Christopher Richard, chief, American Citizens Services (ACS), Consular Section, American Embassy, Bangkok, Thailand, 1995



In August 1995, an international pedophile and prostitution ring trafficking in women and children recruited Christopher Richard, head of American Citizens Services of the American consulate in Bangkok (1995 to 1997).


Using his official position at the consulate, Richard defrauded Thai welfare and police officials into trafficking a Thai child to Belgium by persuading them to withdraw a standing official protective order to keep the child in Thailand. The order had been prepared and enforced by the government at the request of the child's life-long American mentor. The child's Thai 

mother and sole parent had long cavorted with johns, pedophiles, pimps, prostitutes, traffickers, child abusers and fraudsters. Her sole interest in the child was to give him to the trafficking ring to increase her prospects as a prostitute in Belgium. 


Richard sought to discredit the official protection order by attacking the character of the child's mentor with false

accusations and presenting the child's traffickers as respectable and reliable persons. 


In official correspondence to Thai officials, Richard accused the child's mentor of fraud, namely, attempting to acquire a visa to the U. S. for the child "through fraudulent means". Richard provided no documentary evidence of any sort to support his false accusation.


There is absolutely no evidence to support Richard's accusations or his later excuses.  


In fact, two visa applications to the US for the child

were submitted one year earlier to the U. S. 

Immigrations and Naturalization Service (INS). The first was submitted directly by the very individual who later recruited Richard. When this application was rejected, a prominent senior American senator submitted an humanitarian parole petition on behalf of the applicant to the INS. 


The applications were entirely correct and legal, with considerable documentary support.


The humanitarian parole petition cited the risks of trafficking to the child if he ramained in Europe or Asia where his mother's associates could get him.


The parole petition was withdrawn by the applicant in a fit of prolonged insanity. 


Thai welfare officials cited Richard's official correspondence to cover up bribes they received from the child's traffickers.


Richard's false accusation placed the child's mentor, witnesses, lawyers, translators, relatives and friends of the child at great physical risk. Complicit Thai police officials considered making arrests solely on the basis of Richard's false statement.


Within two weeks of Richard's correspondence, Thai officials withdrew the protection order and the child's mother was allowed to take him to Belgium.


Within two months of Richard's correspondence, the traffickers committed official fraud in Belgium to traffic the child and obstruct search and recovery efforts by the child's family in Thailand. Belgian government and police records indicated that the child had been trafficked and abandoned by his mother.


Richard's persistent misconduct   -   and the subsequent behavior of other American officials at the American consulate and embassy in Bangkok   -   demonstrated their open conspiracy with the child's traffickers and eventually aided and abetted the intimidation of witnesses by Thai officials.


The trafficking vicitm was subjected to more than a decade of persistent racial abuse by Belgian pedophiles and government officials and denied a proper homelife and an education. The full details of the ordeal cannot be recounted here. His exact fate remains unknown.  


Like all or most embassy and consulate postings, the head of the American Citizens Services section serves for three years. Christopher Richard remained in the post for only two years, from 1995 to 1997. Chances are that the complaints against him in late-1995 for using his official position in conspiracy with international pedophile and prostitution rings in the traffic in women and children led to both his appointment, for the wrong reasons, and also to his dismissal in an attempt to forestall scandal.


Richard’s name disappeared from State Department lists of employees posted overseas on the Internet. His name disappeared also from all lists of State Department employees on the Internet. Subsequently, official lists of employees posted to the U. S. consulate in Bangkok during the period that Richard was there turned up on the Internet without Richard’s name   -   clear evidence of attempts to alter records and tamper evidence to mislead the public. The lists were probably perpetrated by Richard himself or others in conspiracy with him in various forms of smuggling. Eventually, many years later, his name resurfaced in lists of employees of the American Citizens Services Section office in Washington, D. C. What was Richard doing there? No doubt, he was altering records to perpetuate his criminal activities and to cover his trail.  



Was Christopher Richard a C. I. A. Operative?
Acording to an impeccable source that most remain unidentified for the moment, Christopher Richard, chief of the American Citizen Services (ACS) Section, 1994 - 6, and Consul-General, 1996 - 7, at the American Consulate in Bangkok, Thailand, was an operative of the American Central Intelligence Agency (C. I. A.).
This information does not appear to be posted elsewhere on the web at present.

Where is Christopher Richard now?
Reginald Johnson Jones
Email: freelancenetwor@yahoo.com
Savannah, Georgia


February 28, 2005


Dear Mr. Blackstone,

I noted the comments on your website about the complicity of American State Department officials in the trafficking of a young Thai child from Thailand to Belgium in 1995.

I read long, detailed reports and documents about this incident later, as a journalist   -   and I spoke to some of the people concerned.

In August 1995, social workers for Thailand's Public Welfare Department and top Thai Immigration Bureau officials issued an order to prevent a Thai woman who lived in a precarious situation in Belgium from taking her child to Belgium.

An international pedophile and prostitution ring, which planned to procure the child to pedophiles in Belgium, recruited the head of American Citizens Service (ACS) at the American consulate in Bangkok, Christopher Richard, to help get the child to Belgium. This was a private matter that did not concern Richard, the American embassy or the American government in any way, but
Richard, acting in an official capacity, contacted the Thai social workers and immigration officials directly and tried to persuade them, with surprisingly dirty tactics, to cancel the protective order.

Richard and the pedophile ring succeeded in compromising the Thai social workers and immigration officials. (There were reports later that bribes were paid or deals made with social workers and immigration officials.)

Richard’s misconduct, which was criminal, is well documented, but top State Department officials in Washington and Bangkok have tried to defend Richard   -   and the pedophile ring   -   with lies.

Richard stayed on in Bangkok after his stint as head of ACS. He became consul but left after only one year on the job.

I have been able to trace other American embassy officials involved   -   Ralph Leo (“Skip”) Boyce, jr. and Thomas Patrick Furey   -   but Richard seems to have disappeared completely from the U. S. diplomatic corps. For several years, in the late 1990s, Americans with ties to the official community insisted that Richard was still in Bangkok and working in another office in the old section of the embassy.

Reginald Johnson Jones
Savannah, Georgia





Information about Christopher Richard difficult to obtain


A comment from ------------------------, Bangkok, January 17, 2006:


I might have a photograph of Christopher Richard, taken when he was in Bangkok.


I recall that he was in his late 30s or early forties and, at 6’4”, the tallest person in the consulate. He was not uncouth but was rather obnoxious and considered a cheap character.


Some of the old long-time expatriates believe he was a C. I. A. agent.

State Department attempting cover-up for Richard
A comment from K -------------- R --------------------, Bangkok, October 27, 2007:
There is an obvious State Department cover-up of Christopher Richard.
Several years ago, lists of State Department personnel of the American Embassy in Bangkok in 1995, 1996 and 1997, which were posted on the web, included Christopher Richard. I made copies of those lists.
The same lists today omit Richard, as if he never existed, or never worked at the embassy.
This is often done by government employees to save their skins. This is understandable, of course. If Bruno Hauptman once worked for the State Department, his name would be deleted form all lists of past employees.

Disinformation on the web to cover up Christopher Richard?
A comment from John Gordon of London, Canada, November 11, 2008:
I found a website that claims to list all the officials of the American Embassy and consulates in Thailand in December 1995. But one name, that of Christopher Richard, is conspicuously absent (


Richard's name appeared on earlier lists of American government officials posted over the Internet.
John Gordon
London, Ontario, Canada

US Govt. Cover-Up of Christopher Richard
A comment from Daniel Bannerman, Washington, D. C., October 21, 2009
After looking at this website, I surfed for information about Christopher Richard on the web. I remembered this guy at the American Embassy in Bangkok in the mid-1990s. I could find some things about some former embassy employees. But I found nothing about Richard.
So, I checked with the State Department. Usually, you can obtain some information. But they claim they have no record of a person with that name. Indeed, his name appears in not one signle record that I could find.
What I see is a deliberate cover-up. Files, especially files posted over the Internet, have been altered. Somebody has done a job, to hide Richard. There's a gang at work here. I have no doubt organized crime, perhaps the mafia, is involved. 

Christopher Richard still working for State Department


A message from Pablo Estes in Mexico City, March 15, 2010


I found an address for Christopher Richard. It is his working address. This a State Department address, however.


Chris Richard

U.S. Department of State

2201 C Street NW

Washington, DC 20520  


Here is the relevant website; it seems to be current:



All it means is that Richard is still working for the State Department.


How could that be after so much evidence about his criminal activities in Thailand was submitted to the State Department and other government agencies? Obviously, he is part of a criminal gang. It will be interesting to find out who has been covering for him. Probably the same people who have been covering for Thomas P. Furey, Paul O. Mayer, Richard Hecklinger and Ralph Leo Boyce Jr.


Pablo Estes

Mexico City


Thomas Patrick Furey


Thomas Patrick Furey, U. S. Consul-General, Bangkok, Thailand, 1995
A very dark pervert

For more details about Thomas P. Furey, visit the webiste, http://abuja.usembassy.gov/wwwhdcm.html
, posted by the US Ebassy in Nigeria

The website, by the Public Affairs Office (formerly the United States Information Service), at the U.S. Embass in Nigeria, states the following:
Thomas P. Furey, Deputy Chief of Mission

Mr. Furey has been Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria since November 2004. His most recent assignment was as Consul General at the U.S. Embassy in London, England.

Joining the Foreign Service in 1975, Mr. Furey started his career as a consular officer in Belize City in Central America. He then worked in the Bureau of Intelligence and Research in the Department of State, followed by an assignment as a political officer at the U.S. Embassy in East Berlin. Most of Mr. Furey's assignments since then have been as a consular manager, including tours in Kathmandu, Nepal; Johannesburg, South Africa; Bombay, India; Bangkok, Thailand; and Mexico City, Mexico. He also served several assignments in the Bureau of Consular Affairs and as a Desk Officer for South Africa in the Bureau of African Affairs in the State Department. Prior to London, Mr. Furey was Consul General and Acting Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Furey was born in Portland, Oregon in 1951 and grew up in Lake Oswego, a suburb of Portland. He received a B.A. in International Relations from American University in Washington, D.C. in 1973 and a M.A. from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, in 1975. He lives in Abuja with his wife Dorothy, who he met when she was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Belize and who is from Minnesota. They have two daughters -- Allison, who is a student at Bard College in New York; and Sarah, who is attending high school in Switzerland.

Ed. note:
The American Embassy in Nigeria lists Thomas P. Furey on its official website as a previous American ambassador to Nigeria. In fact, Furey was never an ambassador. 
Furey is a suspected C. I. A. operative working under the cover of a consular official. Furey is implicated in the traffic in women and children for pedophilia and prostitution. Furey is suspected of assisting terrorists to enter America.
What was the purpose of presenting Furey with false credentials?

Embassy's offical website gives false listing for Furey 
A comment from J. B. T. Smythers, Lagos, Nigeria, December 27, 2007:
The official website of the American Embassy in Nigeria lists Thomas Patrick Furey as a previous ambassador (see below). In fact, Furey has never been an ambassador. He was, for a while, Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) in Nigeria. In the absence of an ambassador, the DCM is automatically the Acting Chief of Mission and the Charge d'Affaires. A Charge d'Affaires is not an ambassador   -   and there is no reason to call a Charge d'Affaires an ambassador.
Previous Ambassadors
1. Ambassador Robert E. Gribbin
2. John Campbell
3. Ambassador Thomas P. Furey
4. Howard Franklin Jeter
5. Roger A. Meece
Furey was never ambassador. No siree! That's a bit of State Department fraud.
See how stupid they are! They post it on the Net.
J. T.
Phuket, December 11, 2008

In the pay of Al-Qaeda
Love that money!
Recommended Website:
For more on Thomas Patrick Furey, read the article by Joel Mowbray, "Perverse Incentives   -   The State Department rewards officials responsible for terror visas", in National Review Online, on October 22, 2003:

Center for Immigration Studies

At least some of the blame must rest on Ryan’s "courtesy culture," which was directly injected into the consulate there by Thomas P. Furey, who was consul ...

Catch me if you can!
A message from H. J. Knowles in Singapore, October 26, 2005 
Indeed, it would appear that Thomas Patrick Furey, an American foreign service official, is a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operative.
It would appear also that Furey helped Arab terrorists enter the United States.
Many people have long suspected that the Bush oval office knew about the impending terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D. C. on September 11, 2001. 
In the early days of the subsequent American-led invasion of Afghanistan, in late 2001, a French newspaper reported that the fugitive Al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, had spent a week in an American hospital in a Gulf state several months earlier, in July 2001, getting urgent kidney dialysis and that while in the hospital bin Laden received a private visit from the local CIA station deputy chief, who left the country several days later. The media stopped repeating the French report at the insistence of officials in Washington.
Bin Laden was never caught. A popular TV celebrity recently complained: "Tell me, how is it possible that we can't find a guy who's 6-foot-6 and supposedly needs a dialysis machine?"
It all probability, Furey took bribes from Arab terorists to issue them visas. It is likely also that Furey had to share the loot with others in the State Department (or CIA).
The CIA was created in the late 1940s to replace the war-time Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Whereas the OSS had a rather heroic legacy, the CIA has had an infamous reputation. Early on, it seems to have been an organization of neo-nazi punks in cahoots with wealthy fascist dictators. In the CIA's most absurd operations, toxic gases were released over San Francisco and in a passenger plane just to observe the effects on people. In another experiment, a strong hallucacengic was to be dropped in a big city's water supply.
The CIA's image suffered the most through the Russian downing of a U2 spyplane in 1960 and the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba in 1961. The CIA director, Allen Dulles, was fired immediately afterward.  
H. J. Knowles, Singapore

Who would have thought he was a spy?

There's nothing like spying on your friends
In an article in The American Prospect Online, Jason Vest discusses in brief several past public disclosures of the names of CIA agents; he cites numerous sources   -   books, articles, pamphlets, etc. , including one pamphlet, Spooks in US Foreign Service, which appeared in Canada in 1983

Vest writes:

". . . There was also "Spooks in US Foreign Service," a 12-page pamphlet published in Canada in 1983 by the "Anti-CIA Club of Diplomats," an organization of apparently angry career Foreign Service officers claiming that "roughly three out of five supposedly State Department employees working abroad are in fact CIA officers."


The following is from the website:

http://www.namebase.org/sources/FQ.html :

Anti-CIA Club of Diplomats  -   Spooks in U.S. Foreign Service


1983, 12 pages.


This list was published in Canada in 1983.


ACCD is likely an ad-hoc cover for what appears to be a risky inside job.


From the introduction:


"To what degree has the Foreign Service been penetrated by career intelligence officers? To a very considerable degree. Roughly three out of five supposedly State Department employees working abroad are in fact CIA officers. The number of young university and college graduates recruited by the CIA is steadily rising and now stands at more than 800 annually. In the last ten years, 7500 such graduates have been recruited and trained as intelligence officers at educational institutions like the CIA Camp Peary Training Center, the Foreign Service Institute, and the National Intelligence Academy. The number is almost half of the entire CIA personnel working at Langley and at its stations abroad."


These 190 names include the person's diplomatic title, the country where the person is posted (presumably as of about 1983), and the year when that posting began. The year of birth is included for most names; 90 percent were born in the early 1950s. Additional citations can be found in NameBase for only 44 of the names. The list may have been compiled by someone with access to internal alumni-like information, since this is not the sort of profile that would result from using unclassified sources.


The name of Thomas Patrick Furey is one of 190 listed in alphabetical order:






Germany 1979-1983    Nepal 1982    South Africa 1990


Anti-CIA Club of Diplomats. Spooks in U.S. Foreign Service. 1983 (5)


Geheim Magazine (Germany) 1986-#2 (21)


Top Secret (Germany) 1990-F (37)

pages cited this search: 3


What did he do in college?


A Visitor’s Comment, from Linda Brame, October 20, 2005:


Dear Mr. Blackstone,


I wonder if you have a current location for Thomas Patrick Furey involved in the Thai scandal a few years ago. You mention that he is in London. I do not show that is correct now when I accessed the website for the London Embassy. I am just curious. I have followed this scandal. I went to college with Mr. Furey and was just wondering if he still is in civil service. Do you think that he may be CIA? 




Linda Brame



Reply from Lawrence Blackstone, October 22, 2005:


Dear Ms. Brame,


Thank you for your inquiry.


Thomas Patrick Furey was listed as a consular official at the American Embassy in London several years ago. A website, posted in July 2004, lists him as Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) at the American Embassy in Nigeria.


American consular officials generally serve tours of two years. They are posted to one embassy for two years and they are assigned to another embassy, in another country, for another two years   -   and so on.


Many Americans in the diplomatic corps, starting out in their careers, dream of becoming another James Bond. The American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employs many different people in many different types of work. Full-time CIA officers are usually just that. Consular officials, who spend most of their time on consular matters, can nonetheless use their posts as cover for CIA work. Generally, CIA agents, who are trained for particular field assignments, dislike and distrust consular personnel, who are office-bound career civil servants in the diplomatic corps.


Initially, the conduct of Furey, who was consul-general in Bangkok in 1995, and Christopher Richard, who was chief of the consulate’s American Citizens Services (ACS) section, in the pedophile scandal appeared to have been personally motivated, stemming from perverse habits, with the intention of deliberately causing harm to innocent persons and declaring their complicity with international pedophile rings.


To defend himself, Richard claimed that he was following orders from his office in Washington, D. C. This is highly unlikely, unless someone in his home office deliberately fed him false information. This, however, would necessarily implicate consular officials in two other countries. State Department officials later tried to cover up the matter with obvious lies.


State Department officials abroad have diplomatic immunity to arrest and prosecution for crimes they commit abroad. But this immunity is limited and it should be possible for the American government to prosecute them for felonious offenses. It should be possible also for the victims of their misconduct to sue them, or sue the American government, for damages.


The CIA has been involved in the procurement of guns, drugs, women and children, false documents, illicit money, etc. This is well known and the subject of many biographies and novels. American consular officials are often complicit in smuggling operations, including the trafficking of prostitutes and children, through the issuance of visas.


Lawrence Blackstone



Reply from Linda Brame, October 22, 2005:

Dear Mr. Blackstone,


Thank you for your quick response to my inquiry about Tom Furey. I was truly hoping that what I read was not true. I have not seen him for over 30 years and I am sure people can change. When I knew him he was a very idealistic young man wanting a career in the diplomatic corps. How sad that he was involved in this perverse affair. Thank you again for this information.




Linda Brame


Reply from Lawrence Blackstone, October 24, 2005:


Dear Ms. Brame,


I understand your concern.


Whatever Thomas Furey was as youth, later, as U. S. consul in Bangkok, he left enough hard evidence, through his conduct and official correspondence, to convict him of criminal conspiracy, aiding and abetting pedophiles, fraud, kidnapping and trafficking in children, endangering American citizens abroad, etc. Eventually, the American government will have to deal with Furey and compensate the victims.


Lawrence Blackstone


                     - - - -


Furey made off with the dough


Message from V. Peterson, Alexandria, Va., November 8, 2013


If I can recall correctly, Furey left the State Department long before the mandatory age of retirement.


I believe he had no choice. 


He would have to face an inquiry into his granting of visas to Saudi Arabians listed by the US government as suspected terrorists. Or he would have to share some of his ill-gotten wealth with a lot of other officials.





Only her hairdresser knows for sure


Message from Tim Belmore, Toronto, 11/26/13


I am not sure I understand the significance of the anti-CIA diplomats material on the web.


Does it mean to say that Thomas P. Furey and Christopher Richard are CIA agents planted by the CIA in the State Department?


Or does it mean to say that Furey and Richard 

are members of a group of State Department employees that is publicly opposed to CIA infiltration and domination of the State Department?


Or does it mean to say both   -   that Furey and Richard are CIA plants in the State Department as well as CIA plants in the group protesting CIA inflitration of the State Department?


And I am not sure I understand the separate diagrams of "social networks" showing Furey and Richard linked to clusters of other State Department employees in various American embassies about the world. The diagrams seem to represent intelligence-gathering networks. But are they CIA networks or anti-CIA State Department networks?   


Whoever knows for sure, please let me know. 




Furey's back in town!


A mesage by email from Seannus MacInnis, Bangkok, August 13, 2016


Image result for peter Haymond



Thomas Patrick Furey has returned to Thailand.

Furey was Consul-General in Bangkok from 1994 to 1996. That was noted on websites for many years. I have an official letter from Furey from that period with his name, signature and position, Consul General.

Furey is back at the embassy in the official capacity of Deputy Chief of Mission. If the ambassador steps out of town, he becomes “acting chief of mission”. (Furey pretends that “acting chief of mission” was also the ambassador de jure.)

Furey has changed him name and he has had plastic surgery. He calls himself Peter Haymond now. Look at the photo (attached).

An article titled "Thai expert new No. 2 at US embassy" in the August 11, 2016 issue of the Bangkok Post, described him thus:

". . . This is Mr Haymond's fifth time living in the kingdom, after having resided in Thailand for periods since his youth prior to his first embassy appointment here. He first served at the embassy in Bangkok between 1994-96 as consul-general"

Here is the link to the article:





A reply from Jack O’Harra, Bangkok, August 20, 2016

That isn’t Thomas Furey.

I remember the embassy and consular staff in 1994, 1995 and 1996. I do not recall a Peter Haymond.

Haymond was not Consul General as the Bangkok Post claims.

The on-line State Department bio for Harymond reads:

Peter Haymond began his assignment as Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok in July 2016. A career Foreign Service Officer, Mr. Haymond was previously Director of the Office of Chinese & Mongolian Affairs at the State Department in Washington, DC (2014-2016). Mr. Haymond has also served as Consul General at the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu, China (2011-2014), and at the U.S. embassies in China (2003-05), Laos (2008-2011, 1997-2000), Thailand (1994-96), and Korea (1992-94). In Washington, he has worked as division chief in the Economic, Energy and Business Bureau’s Office of International Energy and Commodities Policy, and as deputy director in the International Organizations Bureau’s Office of Economic and Development Affairs..

Here is the link to the official State Department bio:


The old bio for Laos reads:

A career Foreign Service Officer, Mr. Haymond has previously served at the U.S. embassies in China (2003-05), Laos (1997-2000), Thailand (1994-96) and Korea (1992-94). At the State Department in Washington, DC, he has worked as division chief in the Economic, Energy and Business Bureau’s Office of International Energy and Commodities Policy; and as deputy director in the International Organizations Bureau’s Office of Economic and Development Affairs.

As everyone knows, anything put into print by the State Department is to be doubted. It must be checked out thoroughly. Much of the time, a statement proves to have been erroneous. The Bangkok Post assumed the State Depaetment website to be correct without checking directly with the embassy, or with Haymond himself, before going to press.

If you contact the jerks at the embassy they might insist that Haymond was indeed Consul-General in the years mentioned by the Bangkok Post. But you are more likely to get no reply at all, or a long runaround.





State Department notorious for fraud


A message from Lane Summers, Bangkok, September 1, 2016 


There is a lot of fraud in the State Department.


Fifty years ago, you received a polite reply in a letter with an official letterhead. The letter was properly written. It followed proper form. It observed the rules of oorrect grammar. It was properly signed and dated. The letter included the name of the particular office, its address and telephone number. The position of the official was noted. Thus, you could track down the official.


Things changed in the 1970s and got steadily worse. By the 1990s you got letters of reply on official paper that were not always signed. Often, the letter was undated. The name of the particular office was omitted. The address and telephone number were often omitted too.


Often, the exact position of the letter writer or the signer was not indicated.


Sometimes the official position claimed by the person who signed the letter could not be verified. Often, too, the person who signed the letter could not be tracked down. 


That kind of unacceptable work is typical of American embassies today.   






Contact the authorties


A message from T. M. L. Jones, Chiang Mai, September 6, 2016 


Is all this is to say that Thomas Furey never existed? Did the State Department put one over on the public?

If not, Peter Haymond is a fraudster. He claims to have held a post he never held.

Notify the Inspector-General of the State Department in Washington, D. C.. Inform the FBI. Contact your congressmen.

Haymond should be taken to task. He will be unable to justify the fraud and forced to leave government employ when his current posting ends. He will not receive another appointment. 




Check it out!

A message from W. McDonald, Phuket, September 6, 2016

If Peter Haymoind worked in the embassy or consulate in Bangkok during the period 1994 to 1996, what did he have to do with Ralph L. Boyce jr., Christopher Richard, Thomas P. Furey and Paul O. Mayer?   




Office clerk, office dummy, mule, whore, pimp,




Bangkok Post misread State Department Bio


A message from J. M., Bangkok, September 12, 2016 


The Bangkok Post misread the State Department biographical note about Peter Haymond. 


The State Department biographical note does NOT say that Haymond was Consul General in Bangkok from 1994 to 1996. 


This is the sentence the Bangkok Post misread: 


Mr. Haymond has also served as Consul General at the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu, China (2011-2014), and at the U.S. embassies in China (2003-05), Laos (2008-2011, 1997-2000), Thailand (1994-96), and Korea (1992-94).


The State Department biographical note says that Haymond served at the U. S. embassy in Thailand from 1994 to 1996. The note does not say in what capacity Haymond worked at the embassy.


Look at the sentence again:


Haymond "served as Consul General at the U. S. Consulate in Chengdu" . . . "and at the U. S. embassies in China . . . Laos . . . Thailand . . . and Korea . . ."


The biographical note does NOT mention the positions that Haymond filled at the embassies in China (2003 - 2005), Laos, Thailand and Korea. 


The biographical note does NOT say that Haymond was Consul General in Laos, Thailand and Korea.


There are two Koreas - a North Korea and a South Korea. Evidently, not all government employees know that. The U. S. government recognises both South Korea and North Korea. The State Department note does NOT say whether Haymond was in North Korea or South Korea. The U. S. does NOT have an embassy in North Korea but some people might not know that. 


If the Bangkok Post had checked its archives, it would have realised that Thomas P. Furey was NOT the U. S. Consul General in Bangkok from 1994 to 1996. 





Stupid or Deliberate?


A message from Tad Jason, Pattaya, September 15, 2016



Perhaps we should ask why the State Department has not rewritten Haymond's bio. It is much too vague. It is probably stupidity. But it could also be intentional.


What did Haymond really do when he "served" the consulate and the embassies?


We might ask also why the Bangkok Post has not published a notice informing readers of the error in its September 11th article about Haymond and mentioned the correct information.


Why play along with the deceit?





A message from Ralph James, Macon, Georgia, October 27, 2016


Of the Americans who were at the

embassy or consulate in 1995, only

Boyce, Mayer and Haymond returned

to region.


Why? Who sent them?


Who ignored the many complaints

against them? 


What were they sent back here to






State Department claims Haymond was Consul-General in Bangkok from 1994 to 1996


20 January 2019


I have two offical letters from Thomas Patrick Furey in 1995 and 1996, signed by him and noting his position as Consul General, Bangkok.


I was in Bangkok in 1995 and 1996. I do not recall a Peter Haymond at the US consulate in Bangkok at the time.


At present, there is no American ambassador to Thailand. Haymond is the Charge d'Affaires. As such he is the top American official in Thailand. His bio on the current US embassy website claims he was Consul-General in Bangkok from 1994 to 1996.  


Franklin Jones, Bangkok



A Post-script, April 11, 2019 


If the current charge d'affaires in Thailand, Peter Haymond, was there in the years 1994 - 1996, as Bangkok Post articles in the past two years have claimed and current State Department websites claim, there should be contemporary references to it.


I have aksed the Bangkok Post and State Department to confirm their claims. I have received answers to many inquiries from them in the past but none in this particular matter.


I have checked Bangkok Post archives. I could not find any reference to Peter Haymond during the years 1994 to 1996. The archives are not indexed. I might have missed something. I will double-check. 




Haymond has been Charge d'Affaires a long time.


An inquiry by -----------, Bangkok, April 6, 2019


Ed: The following comment appeared in a blog and is republished here with permission.


There has not been an American ambassador to Thailand since September 2018. Does anyone know why?



Comment in reply, republished here with permission, by -----------------------------, April 10, 2019


Before officially assuming the position in August 2015, the last ambassador spoke before the Press Club of Thailand in Thailand. In going over US foreign policy, which he assumed to be a routine procedure and considered a mundane matter, he mentioned a matter that is particularly sensitive to many Thais. He stepped in the bucket. He did not anticipate the angry response that followed. At another time, or in another official position, his talk might have been ignored. Office-bound career civil servants do not make good diplomats. They are not good journalists. They have little or no idea of local situations or what to make of them. 


When George Bush convened his first meeting as CIA chief, he discovered that his suborbinates knew less about the world than the New York Times. He could get better and more recent information from the newspaper.


It appears that the new president is getting expert advice on Thailand. He has not appointed a new ambassador. 


Since William Brown left the post in 1988 there has been a long run of very mediocre appointees to Bangkok. The next several years will require somone with human intelligence. Not some ass or a robot or junketeer. Since government employment has little appeal today, the president will have to find someone outside government. That does mean Palermo or Chicago or Las Vegas or Hollywood or Tel-Aviv. But someone who has good connections, smiles and says nothing that can upset anyone. Maybe someone from the local office of Standard Oil.       



Other persons involved returned to Thailand


A comment by ---------------------, Bangkok, April 2, 2019


It appears that this matter concerns a letter by Christopher Richard to the Thai government in August 1995. Richard was a concular assistant. The letter attacked an American who protected a child from an international paedophile and prostitution ring trafficking in women and children. The gang was based in Antwerp, Belgium and Pattaya, Thailand and had accomplices in the state of Virginia in the US.  Richard's letter contained false statements. An accomplice of the ring "persuaded" him to write the letter.


No action was taken against Richard.


If Pater Haymond was US consul in Bangkok at the time, as State Department websites claim, he may have been involved in the matter.


Others involved, at the time or in subsequent years, like Thomas P. Furey, Paul O. Mayer and Timothy M. Sherer, became consuls or head of the American Citizens Section in Bangkok.  









Paul O. Mayer


Conspired with Thai Police to Obstruct Search and Recovery Efforts 


Conspired to Cover Up Pedophile, Prostitution and Trafficking Ring in Bangkok Embassy



Is Paul O. Mayer a C. I. A. agent?

(See http://www.namebase.org/xmas/Paul-O-Mayer.html )



The New York crime family's boy in Montreal

(see http://www.the trafficinwomenadnchildren/


Paul O. Mayer
U. S. State Department Pedophile Ring

Paul Mayer, Chief,

American Citizens Section,

American Consular Section,

Bangkok, 1997 - 2001



While political officer at the American Consulate in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand in mid-1995, Paul O. Mayer was informed of the efforts of a Belgian and Thai pedophile and prostitution ring to traffic a Thai child to Belgium.


After familiarizing himself with the matter, Mayer advised a private American citizen   -   the child's mentor   -   that the only way to protect the child was to get the support of the headman of the township in which the child lived. That is indeed the best way to proceed in such matters and it was the advice offered by many others. The headman, however, was uncooperative.


Mayer replaced Christopher Richard as head of the American Citizens Services section at the American consulate in Bangkok in 1997. Mayer served for four years, to 2001   -   one year more than the regular three-year posting, an indication that Richard was removed from the post one year early.


In his four years in the post, Mayer persistently resisted and blocked all attempts to get the American consulate to admit the wrong-doing of its officials in the trafficking case, alert the Thai authorities and urge officials to get a reliable account of the trafficking victim.


Mayer refused to urge the Thai police to account for the victim because to do so would have exposed Richard’s earlier denials to the police of his complicity in the trafficking.


Mayer appears to have been behind the obstruction of a State Department investigation into Richard’s conduct in 1997. Consular officials claimed the investigation had found no wrong-doing by Richard. Such a finding   -   yesterday, today or tomorrow   -   is an impossibility and further evidence of criminal conspiracy.


Mayer also encouraged Thai officials in the harassment and intimidation of witnesses in the case. 


Mayer’s criminal motivation for his official misconduct in this particular matter is well-documented. Above all, his personal interests lay in covering for the pedophile and prostitution trafficking ring and other consular officials in Bangkok, Christopher Richard and Thomas P. Furey, and a former charge d’affaires in Bangkok, Ralph Boyce, who were complicit in the trafficking case.







Where was Mayer in June - September 1995?


A message from Ed Maguire, Boston, Mass., May 15, 2015


I recall the child trafficking case back in August and September 1995.


This website places Paul O. Mayer at the American Consulate in Chiang Mai, Thailand in August 1995. But people have assured me that Mayer worked at the American Consulate in Udon Thani at the time. The consulate in Udon Thani closed in late 1995   -   October, November or December. Mayer was gone by then.



Editor's reply:


I have several different biographical descriptions of Paul O. Mayer posted over the years on the Internet by the State Department. Indeed, one claims he was in Chiang Mai in the summer of 1995. The others put him in Udon Thani at the time. 


I shall check further. 


Could it be that Mayer went from Udon Thani to Chiang Mai before September of 1995?








Paul O. Mayer bio,

from a State Department website:



Paul Mayer is Deputy Consul General at the U.S. Consulate General in Montréal. Prior to his arrival in September 2007, he was the Special Assistant in the State Department’s Visa Office. He also served for one year as Senior Watch Officer in the Department’s Operations Center (2005-2006). Paul’s other diplomatic assignments have included service as Consul and First Secretary at the U.S. Embassy in Tallinn, Estonia (2002-2005), Chief of American Citizen Services at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand (1998-2001), and tours in Washington, Hong Kong, and northeast Thailand. Prior to joining the U.S. State Department in 1992, Paul was an Associate at the Harvard Negotiation Project, where he taught and wrote on negotiation and international relations. He is a 1988 graduate of Harvard College, where he received an A.B. in Philosophy and was also captain of the track team. He is married and has a beautiful 4-year old daughter.





Oil for food


Birds of a feather flock together


A comment from Edward Levine, Toronto, August 31, 2009:


Paul Mayer is a jerk.


Just read his speech on Raoul Wallenberg Day (http://www.rwallenberg-int.org/Events/Mayer.htm).


By the way, perhaps readers should know that Kofi Annan, when UN chief, ignored complaints against UN personnel who were involved in pedophile and prostitution rings and the traffic in children. He ignored also requests addressed directly and personally to him from the families of victims for his assistance in tracing and recovering them.


Annan’s wife is a Wallenberg.




Shit for brains
Odd personal habits
A message from Hector Printer, Phuket, Thailand, November 3, 2009
I remember Mayer. He worked at the American consulate in Chiang Mai in the mid-90s. Funny little guy. Ran around the consulate in his underwear. Even worked the window in his underwear.
But who would have thought he was a pedophile?
Message from John Antony, New York, December 11, 2014
I caught an article about another Raoul Wallenberg shin-dig attended by Mayer and Kofi Anan. There was even a photo of two together.
Somebody shoud check to see if Mayer has any personal or professional connections to the Wallenbergs or Anan.
Mayer should have been tossed out of the State Department long ago. Like Boyce and Furey. There were too many complaints. Somebody might be paving the way for Mayer. I don't mean to suggest that the Wallenbergs or Annan are behind his overstay in government. Nonetheless, it does seem odd.   
You have Mayer all wrong!
A comment by Ralph -------------, Boston, November 1, 2010:
If it's the same Paul Mayer I knew years ago you've got him all wrong.
Mayer comes from an old Protestant German family in Boston that has donated generously large sums to Harvard.
There is no way he could be a pedophile or involved in organized crime, especially pimping and procuring children for the sex trade with Thai cops or the Siciian-American Mafia or the Chinese Triads.
He was captain of the college track team, for Christ's sake.
Estonia? Boston? Kansas?
A messsage from Montri Thamachai, Udon Thani, Thailand, January 23, 2014
As far as I know, the Mayer family in Boston, to which Ralph ----- refers, and the State Department employee, Paul O. Mayer, are not related.
True, the Mayer family of Boston made large contributions to Harvard.
Paul Mayer went to Harvard. But he is a country boy from Kansas and a blue-collar type. He might be of Protestant German ancestry. But how is it he speaks Estonian?  
State Department photo of Paul
O. Mayer (2014)

Mayer back in Thailand


A message from Marty Emerson, Nong Khai, Thailand, December 21, 2012


I saw Paul Mayer in Thailand the other day. That was surprising. I thought he had been declared persona non grata. Somebody screwed up somewhere. Or the diplomatic corps is being its usual obnoxious self. Somebody better do something.



A message from F. Redford, Bangkok, February 11, 2013


Paul O. Mayer is currently deputy chief of mission in Vientiane. In the absence of the ambassador he becomes the senior official at the embassy. Here is the recent State Department bio. I notice some mistakes in it. 

Paul Mayer started work as Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Vientiane, Laos in September 2012.  Prior to his arrival in Laos, Mr. Mayer served in Washington for two years as an Office Director in the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research.  He was selected as the 2012 winner of the State Department’s Arnold Raphel Memorial Award for his efforts in mentoring and developing subordinates.


Mr. Mayer previously served as Deputy Consul General in Montréal (2007-2010), as Special Assistant in the State Department’s Visa Office (2006-2007), and as a Senior Watch Officer in the Department’s Operations Center (2005-2006).  Paul’s other assignments include: Consul and First Secretary at the U.S. Embassy in Tallinn, Estonia (2002-2005), Consul and Chief of American Citizen Services in Bangkok (1998-2001), and Staff Assistant in the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs (1997-1998). Paul began his State Department career with two-year tours in Udorn, Thailand (1993-1995) and Hong Kong (1995-1997).


Prior to joining the State Department in 1992, Mr. Mayer was an Associate at the Harvard Negotiation Project at Harvard Law School, where he taught and wrote on negotiation and international relations, and was a two-time recipient of the Derek Bok Award for Excellence in Teaching.  He is a 1988 graduate of Harvard College, where he received an A.B. in Philosophy, was a DJ for WHRB-FM, and was captain of the university track team with a PR of 10.64 seconds in the 100-meter dash. Mr. Mayer is a native of Wichita, Kansas. He is married and is the father of a beautiful 9-year old daughter.  His hobbies include aviation, meteorology, and all aspects of American pop culture. He speaks Thai, Lao, French, and Estonian.


Here is the link: http://laos.usembassy.gov/dcmbios.html


Message from Andrew Humphries, Udon Thani, Thailand, March 21, 2013 


That is incredible.


I thought Mayer was tossed out of the State Department.


No doubt, he is part of a pedophile and prostitution ring trafficking in women and children in the State Department.


What is he doing in Laos? He is probably with the CIA. I hope the Laotians are watching him closely. His old buddy Ralph Leo Boyce junior is still in Singapore.




Oh, dear . . .


Doin' da Jerk


You can see Paul Mayer on You Tube: 




This is a dumb as it gets.


And they're stupid enough to post it. They're probably drinking the water.


This is where your tax dollar goes.


No chance of winning hearts and minds with this guy. 


What are those Lao kids doing there? Did somebody tell them it would get them to the U. S.? 


They're better off sticking to French. The best-looking women and the best-tasting food in Laos are at the French Embassy.


Why hang around the US Embassy to rap with a bum? 


D. W., Korat, Thailand, October 15, 2013 






A messaage from Edward Button, Bangkok, June 2, 2015


Are you sure you have the right guy?


You might have mistaken some ass-hole at the Bangkok embassy for Mayer. A little guy. Forty-ish. Blond hair. Alcoholic. Loud mouth. Obnoxious. Causes a disturbance wherever he goes. Thai girl friend or Thai wife. Claims he's James Bond. Shows off his diplomatic passport.



A message from Steven Millars, Bangkok, December 16, 2016


There's another one at the embassy who uses the f-word all the time. Every other word is the f-word. It's fuckin' this and fuckin' that. Have you met that one? 


What the fuck is that? Who the fuck did that? Fuckin' wrong. What the fuck. Who the fuck cares? Fuckin' idiot. 


Imagine that kind of guy in your office.








El Monte, Phanupong Khisri
Did consular officials work directly with traffickers in women and children in all cases?
A message from Joseph Otis, Los Angeles, December 12, 2010   

This website makes reference to the Thai child Phanupong Khisri (also Khaisri).


His was a tragic case.


An organized prostitution ring smuggled Asian prostitutes into the U. S. from Thailand. The prostitutes were accompanied by an escort, an Asian man. The couple claimed to be married. The couple had a child with them that they claimed to be theirs. But all three were unrelated and they came from different countries. They couldn't have been more obvious.


This child, Phanupong Khisri, was an infant, rented by his mother in Chiang Mai to a criminal gang trafficking prostitutes to the U. S. in 2000. The gang had used this child several times. He was even HIV-positive. How he became infected we should try to find out.


The smugglers were easy to detect. How often does an unmarried and unrelated couple from Asia arrive in the US with an unrelated infant and screwy papers?


Gangsters are not necessarily geniuses. Generally, they commit crime, often in the open, however sloppy, until stopped. That is how this gang operated. But they operated for some time.


This website points out that the consular service of the American embassy in Bangkok was complicit in the smuggling operation. Indeed, at least one consul and at least one consular assistant would have been involved in some way or another.


But it was an INS agent at the embassy who granted the visias. That would mean that the consular service referred the gang to the INS. The gang might have operated through a Thai lawyer, perhaps from one of the local law firms recommended by the American Embassy.


In Bangkok the consular section and the INS office are on the same floor of the same building and next to one another. The consuls are (or should be) civil servants from the foreign service of the State Department. The INS agents are civil servants with the Justice Department.


Both offices often employ local people as assistants. Many are unqualified and even incompetent. It is easy to get employment at the embassy. All one needs is a contact. Thus, many local wives and girlfriends and local expatriates get jobs at the embassy. The native employees are often blamed for any wrong-doing when a visa scandal erupts.


The prostitute smuggling operation went smoothly for a long time before an immigration official at LAX airport, going strictly by the book, probably because he wasn't part of the network, exposed it. Why the operation was not exposed earlier should have been investigated. If immigrations records have not been destroyed (they often are, or they are filed away in odd places) the operation can be exposed in full. 


The case of Phanupong Khisri exposed the organized criminal operation. But only part of the criminal network was accounted for. 


Working hand in hand with the smugglers were corrupt American consuls and INS agents in Bangkok. They were as guilty as the smugglers. In fact, they might have been more involved with the criminal gangs and their operations than the public suspected. Some lawyers say that embassy officials have much longer involvement in such crime than the locals.


Phanupong Khisri was just one of many innocent Thai children used by international prostitution rings to smuggle Asian women out of Bangkok for prostitution in the U. S. and to other countries. There were many, many more.


Of the Bangkok embassy officials mentioned on this site, the following were in Bangkok at the time: Leslie V. Rowe, Paul O. Mayor, Jeffrey Schwenk, Roderick ("Rod") Gonzalez, and Charles Winterheiser. They certainly would have known about the gang and its operations. They would have known also about El Monti. Don't think they didn't.


(Ed: El Monte was a concentration camp in California set up by an Asian gang in the 1990s to manufacture goods using Thai women as laborers who were brought into the U. S. for the purpose but held captive in the camp for long periods.)     




The Traffic in Women and Children from Thailand is a Billion-Dollar Industry


A message from John Chiang, Chiang Mai, Thailand, February 27, 2013


What happened to the prostitute and her escort in this case?


Where was the woman to go once she arrived in the U. S.? Who financed her trip? Who was she to work for? A Chinese gang? A CIA-State Department-Mafia call-girl service?


What about the escort? What happened to him?


Someone interfered with news reports about this case. Normally, something about the operations of the trafficking gang or network on the U. S. side would have been described in press reports. But someone obstructed routine reporting. Probably the U. S. government. 


It is certain that the trafficking networks that provided women for prostitution and labor in concentration camps in the U. S. operated with the complicity of the State and Justice Departments and the CIA. The CIA is up to its ears in the procurement of prostitutes. Chinese gangs and/or the Mafia were certainly involved.







Notorious Woodpeckers
Two more American consuls in Bangkok, both women, Alice C. Moore and Leslie V. Rowe, conspired to obstruct search and recovery efforts in apparent complicity with the pedophile and prostitution ring 





Other American Embassy officials in Bangkok implicated by official documentation:

Eugenia M. Sidereas, aide to R. E. Hecklinger ( http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:shIa_0dcB_YJ:ask.depaul.edu/Students/MentoringandAdvice/ASK_Away_Archive.asp+Eugenia+M.+Sidereas,+U.+S.+Department+of+State,+biography&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=th&source=www.google.co.th );

Virginia D. Phillips, Ambassador's Office Management Specialist; 

Charles Winterheiser, secretary to L. V. Rowe;

Lawrence ("Larry") Woodruff, acting head of American Citizen Services, mid-2001

Jeffrey Schwenk, consular assistant;

Roderick ("Rod") Gonzalez, consular assistant; 

Joseph Yun, Economics Officer;                                         bio: http://www.state.gov/p/eap/rls/ot/2010/146957.htm   ;   http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/biog/126177.htm

Timothy M. Scherer, LAB; 

Thomas Daily, Political Officer.

In Washington, D. C.

Jacqueline Bridgers-Smith, Inspector General, State Department

In Paris, France:

_. _. Terjesen, State Department


We are trying to identify another American woman who, along with Sidereas, was Hecklinger's top office aide. 

This website is trying to identify the American State Department official in Bangkok who planted an article in one of the two leading English-language daily newspapers in Bangkok in December 2000 with the intention to urging Thai officials into pressing lese majeste charges against the persons who were trying to rescue the Thai child who was trafficked to Belgium by Christopher Richard and co-conspirators.

Maybe it's true what they say about Dick Cheney . . .

Also, there have been numerous reports that one of the above-mentioned, probably Winterheiser, was sent to Bangkok for the specific purpose of --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Scherer complicit with paedophiles in the traffic in children

New U.S. consul-general visits Pattaya - Pattaya Mail

Timothy M. Scherer, on the right, in a recent photo in Thailand. 

Timothy M. Scherer returned to Thailand as Consul-General of the US Consular Section in Bangkok in 2018.

Scherer was in Bangkok about 12 years ago and worked in the embassy building with Thomas Daily and Joseph Yun.

Scherer was to monitor and report on the state of human rights in Thailand to his superiors.

Scherer was asked to look into a child trafficking case in which American consular personnel in Bangkok were complicit.

Scherer noted particulars. 

Scherer evaded all attempts to follow up the matter. 

Joseph Yun was asked to look into it. He 'disappeared'. No doubt, he found the case inconvenient. He was kept on at the State Department.  

Thomas Daily was asked to look into the matter and also 'disappeared'. 

Of course, the State Department is notorious for its many homosexuals and paedophiles. It always has been.  

It should be noted that many of the consular officials involved in the paedophile and child trafficking case of 1995 returned to work in the embassy or consulate in later years, some in the 1990s, some in the 2000a, and other more recently. 

The Thais should be more careful. They should bar these American State Department employees from the country.   




Just the tip of the Iceberg
CIA Involved in Child Sex Trade Since 1978
A message from Jean Hervé, February 14, 2014

CIA Involved in Child Sex Trade Since 1978 on Russia Today, Wednesday, December 30, 2009
This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Editor’s note, October 22, 2015:


Mr. Hervé provides a link to an interview with an American freelance journalist or blogger Wayne Madsen on the Russian TV programme Russia Today (RT) in 2009.


Does Mr. Hervé know Wayne Madsen?


Around the time that Mr Madsen appeared on Russia Today (2009), the webmaster of this site received an Internet alert for Ralph Boyce. Checking the alert, a website in Mr Madsen’s name appeared. Boyce was American ambassador to Thailand at the time. He was widely unpopular and he was forced out of the State Department when his term expired.


Among the numerous postings on Mr Madsen’s website was the outlandish claim that the American Embassy in Bangkok had broken up a local pedophile ring. Boyce’s photo was prominently displayed with the article.

Checking with contacts in the Thai police, the Thai press and the American embassy in Bangkok, the story proved erroneous. There had been no such event. The story was a complete fabrication. One could only guess at the source of the false claim and the motive for it.

Mr Madsen’s posting has the dubious distinction of having been the only praise of Boyce during the latter’s term as ambassador.

Mr Madsen was contacted and questioned about his posting about Boyce and the embassy. Mr Madsen promptly rewrote his article, correctly charging Boyce with collusion with an international pedophile and prostitution ring in the traffic in children.

Mr Madsen said that he was concerned about the behaviour of American government employees who visited Thailand and added that he was seeking a list of junketeers who had made a recent trip to Thailand at government expense.

Make of it what you will. But one must suspect that Mr Madsen is the wrong person to consider the behavior of State Department personnel overseas, especially in Thailand. He did a dirty P. R. job for an American official who was complicit in the traffic in women and children, the intimidation of witnesses and related official fraud.  Mr Madsen should be investigated.

Thai officials complicit in the illicit trade have gotten the local press and BBC radio to make similar phony claims for them in the past. 



It happened in Belgium
The American ambassador  
In 2013, the American ambassador to Belgium was accused by his security detail of soliciting sex from minors.
State Department officials in Washington, D. C. tried to silence the press but the story got out anyway.
See website:
. . . U.S. Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman was accused of routinely ditching his “protective security detail in order to solicit sexual favors from both prostitutes and minor children,” in a nearby park according to an internal memo written by a chief inspector general investigator . . .
Official State Department introduction (uploaded by US Embassy)

It's the little things that count
A message from Frank Norman, Buriram, Thailand, March 5, 2015 


The American consulate in Bangkok has had a complete surface overhaul.


I saw it the other day for the first time in twenty years.


All the Americans are gone!


Even the Filipino security guards are gone.


Just about all the employees are Thais now. And everything is handled by Thais.


There was one American, a black, at the entrance, keeping the lines straight. But all the Caucasians are gone. Actually, I did see one Caucasian, tucked away in the back of the consular section   -   a male, shorter than all the Thais   -   probably a consular official.


Behind the counter, the consulate is just as dirty as it ever was. It's the same story. Maybe worse. 


I applied for a new passport. I was told I would get it in a week or so. I would be notified by phone or email. But I heard nothing for a month. So, I called the consulate. It was ready, I was told. I could come in and pick it up. And when I did, I discovered that it had been issued within 24 hours of my application. A full month earlier! Yet, I was never notified. And several days later I got an email message from the consulate informing me that my passport was ready. But this was a trick email message, backdated about two weeks.


So the Thais there today are just as bad as the Caucasians were. Or maybe it was that little Caucasian guy I saw. 


So, it was another unpleasant experience. Fortunately, I don't have to see these people more than once every ten years. 





A message from Jack Wallis, El Paso, Texas, June 1, 2015

(Ed: Sorry, I had the wrond date earlier.)


I visited the American consulate in Bangkok recently.

It is true. The Americans are gone. There is just one American there now  -  the U. S. consul. But he is never around. All the other employees are Thais. And there is even a Thai lady boy working the main window. (I’m not kidding. Go see for yourself.)

The Americans were no good. Just as well that they're gone. Since the 1970s, they cannot be trusted. The Americans at the consulate like to cause trouble for American tourists and expats.

As far as I know, the Thais do not go out of their way to cause trouble for American expats and visitors. Perhaps that is why they have replaced the Americans.

But the Thais have conflicts of interest. They have strange friends and relatives. They cannot be trusted. It is not wise to employ Thais at the American consulate.

And the Thais loathe real work. Whenever something comes up they run away or they hand people shit. So, they do not help anyone.

All the Thais do is smuggle. They work for American smugglers and traffickers at the embassy or consulate. They smuggle art objects and traffic prostitutes and children.

The Thais should be replaced. Filipinos do a better job. And Filipinos are more human. You can talk to a Filipino. You will get nowhere with a Thai. And a Thai will take back anything he (or she) gives you quicker than you know it.

Get rid of the Thais at the consulate in Bangkok. Replace them with Filipinos. There will be a vast improvement in the service.

In fact, Filipinos are better educated than most Americans in the State Department today. They dress better, too. They have much better manners. They are certainly better educated and more decent than Thais. The Thais have no education at all. They cannot write. They cannot answer a phone. They cannot take care of email. They have bad manners.

And today Filipinos are more American than Americans. The Americans in the State Department are not good Americans. Many of them are not even American. And many of them hate Americans. 

Replace the Thais with Filipinos or close the consulate and ask the Swiss (not the Swedish) Embassy in Bangkok to handle the American Citizens Section. That will be much better and make life much safer.  


A message from Zack Davies, Chiang Mai, June 11, 2015

Hey! You're right about 1970! That was the year Americans stopped offering their seats to women on buses. Before 1970, there were gentlemen in America. Where did they go? 


A message from Jean Jones, Bangkok, December 11, 2016

Whatever you do, don't turn the American Citizens Section over to the British Embassy. 

I know, they're nice and polite and all that. They even give real help. They do it promptly too. Something you won't get from an American embassy today. But there are gangsters and bull-shitters there. 

And you can't really trust them with women and children. Especially chldren.

Please, don't ask me to explain. If you don't know already, you shouldn't be here.


A message from Jack Muller, San Francisco, December 16, 2016 

Who hired the lady boy? 

Ed: Ultimately, the U. S. Consul-General is responsible for the employees at the consulate. At the time, a working class blue-collar Irish-American from the U. S. by the name of Patrick Murphy was the consul. As far as I know, he was a career foreign service employee.     


Bangkok Consulate a Mess 

Message from Steve Collins, Bangkok, March 1, 2018

The American consulate in Bangkok seldom answers inquiries. When it does, the replies are short and crude. If you need a reply, you have to ask the consulate in Chiang Mai. The consulates in all other countries will answer before the consulate in Bangkok. The consulates of other countries reply   -   and do so in much less time. The Bangkok consulate refers you to its website, which often does not answer your question.     

There have been four different consuls-general in Bangkok in the past two years. Usually, a consul-general serves a term of two years. 

Almost all of the employees in the consulate are local Thais. They do not seem to stay for long. I have never seen the same ones twice.

The Americans there, if you get one on the phone, are all screwed up. They cannot add two and two. They tell you no, whatever the matter. They try to talk like a secretary or PR rep at a presidential news conference. That might be why there is such a high turn-over. Perhaps somone is monitoring consular personnel, catching them, and requesting their dismissal. 

Frankly, we would be better off without the Americans and the Thais. Africans, Arabs and Indians would do a better job.    



More selected comments
Many CIA operatives are double agents in the pay of foreign governments
A comment by Heinrich Weyerman, New York, May 12, 2007:
There are several websites that expose State Department personnel who are operatives of the Central Intelligence Agency.
It should be noted that many persons joined the CIA while in college or when applying for a job with the federal government as a way of securing a job. The CIA paved their way through college and through the ranks of the federal government. That explains why so many incompetent and corrupt Americans are employed in the State Department. They are retained while many honest and capable employees, who are not CIA operatives, are passed up or let go.
But there is more to it than that. At one time, many State Department employees who were CIA operatives were also secretly working for the Russians. Many found that advancing within the federal goverment required more than a CIA role or contact. Often enough, CIA operatives in the State Department could not advance or secure a post unless they agreed to work for the Russians.
In every American embassy there are State and Justice Department employees who got their jobs through the CIA. And among them there are those who were planted there by foreign agents working in the CIA and State and Justice Departments to form a network working for a particular foreign country.
It is, for example, possible that Thomas Patrick Furey was an agent (in the pay of) of a terrorist organization and that he was placed at the embassy in Saudi Arabia by members of that organization in the State Department and CIA.

KGB archives in Washington should expose many State Department employees

A viaitor's comment, from Patrick O'Hara, Udon Thani, Thailand, November 4, 2005:

It is true that many State Department employees are also employees of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). But many State Department employees are also in the employ of foreign governments.

When the Soviet Union crumbled some years ago, the new Russian government sent all of the Soviet-era intelligence files - from the KGB - to Washington, D. C.

Translators have since discovered that thousands of spies and traitors in the State Deparrtment betrayed America and Americans to Eastern European Communist governments over the years.

It is likely that State Department employees who have been identified as traitors and spies are still working for the State Department in overseas posts and, no doubt, continuing to serve Americans's enemies.

Many State Department employees betray America simply for the money. Others are blackmailed into spying for foreign governments. Many are caught but kept in their jobs and used to pass misleading information (called "disinformation") to their foreign contact (but this can be a racket).

Hopefully, the Russian files that are now in Washington, D. C. will be made public soon.

It is a safe bet that many American ambassadors, consuls, vice-consuls, political and economic officers in Thailand worked not only for the CIA but spied for foreign countries as well.

Patrick O'Hara, Udon Thani, Thailand



A message from Martin Helmsman, November 13, 2005:
If a consular official has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars, perhaps even millions, through bribes from terrorists to issue them visas over the years, what has he done with the money?
What should investigators consider?
Is the consular official driving to work in a Rolls or a Ferrari? Has he bought real estate? Did he buy a second home somewhere? Has he bought a yacht? Is his spending on his wife and children exceedingly high? Does he keep a mistress? Does he go on expensive trips or vacations? Does he rent airplanes? Does he gamble in Las Vegas? Does he visit Switzerland, where he might have a secret bank account? Does he visit the Caribbean, where he might have a secret bank account? Can he account for the money in a proper and credible manner?
The answers to these questions should offer clues into the conduct of a consular official.
Martin Helmsman, Vancouver, B. C.

They sometimes do an odd job for someone 
A comment from Kent Summerton of Chiang Mai, November 22, 2005
There are many ways in which a consular official can make money over and beyond his or her salary and bonuses.
Many consular officials run up big bills on State Department charge accounts. Others pad personal expenses. Many do both.
Some resort to crime. Taking bribes under the table to issue visas is one way to make money. In Bangkok, many Americans have complained that their efforts to help their Thai wives' relatives go to the U. S. were blocked until they paid a local lawyer thousands of dollars to get the necessary paperwork at the embassy processed.  
Consular officials can also make money by joining international smuggling operations. They can smuggle themselves by use of the diplomatic pouch, which is exempt from search by immigration and custom officials, to smuggle commercial secrets, cash, antiques, drugs and pornography. Or they can issue visas to smugglers, especially to traffic in women and children.
A few years ago, California immigration officials stumbled upon an international prostitution ring that was run through Bangkok and trafficked Asian prostitutes into the US. The immigration officials stopped a couple from Southeast Asia with an infant boy. The couple claimed to be married and that the child was theirs. But the woman was a prostitute and she was to go to work in the US. The child had been procured to an international prostitution ring by his mother, a Thai woman in Chiang Mai. The child had AIDS. The incident was played up by the press. In fact, there are thousands of such cases that US immigration officials do not find out about or that, for one reason or another, choose to ignore. The visas are provided by American consular officials.
Some consular officials conspire with local criminal gangs to extort money from expatriate Americans. These gangs usually include local police officials. 
Interestingly, quite a few consular officials are not career civil servants. They are private citizens who get their jobs at the State Department through a contact, go abroad for a single tour of two years, and then return to private life.
Kent Summerton
Bangkok, Thailand

For more comments that are perhaps relevant to this website, visit the on-line forum of one of Thailand's English-language daily newspapers, The Nation, in Bangkok, Thailand:
Topics suggested:
Boyce's Recall Long Overdue:
Journalists Complicit in the Traffic in Children :
Who can you trust in the dirty business of human trafficking? :

Did U. S. consul in Brussels conspire with an international pedophile and prostitution ring in the traffic in women and children?


A letter from John Hermann, Brussels, September 12, 2013


When the Marc Dutroux-Michel Nihoul pedophile case broke in Belgium in 1996, a scandal erupted and flared all over the country, netting a dozen or so politicians and high government officials   -   judges, prosecutors, policemen and even the King of the Belgians.


The Belgian PM, Jean-Luc Dehaene, was eventually forced to resign. (And it looked very bad for the King too.) But while still in office, 

Dehaene made some show of trying to correct a lamentable situation that had allowed a convicted pedophile, Marc Dutroux, to go free and kidnap, sell and murder children.


Dutroux claimed to be in the employ of high Belgian government officials and industrialists to procure children to them through Michel Nihoul, a politician, for ritual torture and murder at parties and there seemed to be some evidence of this.


The PM hired a Belgian charlatan who claimed to be an expert on pedophilia, Geert Cappelaere, to conduct a study and make recommendations to the cabinet. The PM thought this might look good. Cappelaere recommended the creation of a small national organization, Assistance for Kidnapped and Missing Children, known by the acronym of H. O. V. K. This organization opened offices in several Belgian cities and was quickly exposed as a pedophile front and the source of many deliberately false reports about kidnapped and trafficked children and fraud committed by corrupt officials in the pay of traffickers.


Cappelaere is stil around, buying postings at the UN and paying reporters for flattering accounts about himself. He seems to have some fiancial backers. But there is documentary evidence of his conspiracy with international pedophile rings to traffic in children, commit fraud, and obstruct child search and recovery efforts.


The Belgian PM, Dehaene, thought he could appease the public by going to the American Embassy in Brussels and asking for help. Someone in the embassy referred him to a new organization, or so-called "non-governmental organization" (NGO), started just two years earlier, now known as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) in Virginia.


The story is that this "NGO", NCMEC, was started by a TV actor who hosted a crime series and was 

in the hotel business in Florida. A divorcee, he was for some time suspected by the police in the murder of his six-year-old son in 1981. (A notorious pedophile and serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, became a suspect many years after his death in prison. Eventually, police pinned the murder on a long-dead drifter.)   


NCMEC was to help search for missing children. But it was soon revealed to be a fraud. Its employees, Chrsitine Fernandez to name one, refused to consider many reports and complaints.


This "NGO" still exists and is even touted by the FBI and state police departments in the U. S. as the organization to contact if your child is kidnapped or disappears   -   or "exploited" for prostitution or pornography. 


The State Department, or the Belgian PM, Dehaene, invited employees of the new American organization, NCMEC, to Belgium. The NCMEC employees got together with State Department employees in Brussles and members of the Belgian Justice Police (defunct). They rented an office in Brussels, gave it the same name as the American organization and hired women of very questionable reputation to staff it. NCMEC employees visited Belgium regularly.


NCMEC stickers and posters were pasted all over the Brussels office to make it look like an official 

Belgian branch of NCMEC.


The Belgian organization was eventually called the European Center for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children (ECMSEC). (In time, the name might be changed to "Sexploited".) It was given the nickname Child Focus,


The employees of the Belgian organization, Child Focus, were soon caught conspiring with pedophile and prostitution rings, traffickers in women and children and corrupt Belgian government officials in committing official fraud, 

peddling false reports and obstructing search efforts for victims. One employee, Heidi De Pauw (pronounced De Piew} was particularly notorious and is still with the organization. These crimes are capital offenses in many countries.


The employees of NCMEC in the U. S. refused to consider complaints from Americans in Belgium. This is criminal conspiracy. All recorded and documented. The employees could sit a long time in federal prison.  


The American consul in Brussels at the time, Ted Halstead, was informed of the complicity of Child Focus in the traffic in women and children and related official fraud and shown official documentary evidence. But Halstead never informed anyone in the U. S. government, NCMEC or other American NGOs, or the American police.


John Hermann, Brussels

    - --- --- -- --
A message in response from Tim Rawls, San Francsisco, December 13, 2013
In a message to your website on September 12, 2013, John Hermann of Brussels recalls that the notorious American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was a suspect in the murder of Adam Walsh.
I would like to know if there is any evidence that Dahmer ever was a hired killer. Some people assumed he was.
I would like to know too if John Walsh, father of Adam Walsh, had any ties to organized crime. After all, over the years, many people in Florida in the movie business and hotel business have had ties to organized crime, often to prostitution.
What I'm getting at is this: Was the murder of Adam Walsh in any way tied to business conflicts, or to organized crime, or to a gang war?

You make them sound like big shits!
A message from Sandy Hill, Los Angeles, November 4, 2010
Dear Mr. Blackstone,
I am glad to find a website such as yours.
Few people realize how low and dirty the employees of the American foreign service are today. I am not sure that they were always as perverse and corrupt. In my own experience, I thought the caliber of foreign service personnel sank considerably in the early 1970s. This was also generally the case with federal government employees everywhere.   
This website, however, might give readers the impression that Richard, Furey, Boyce, Itoh, Hecklinger, Johnson and Mayer were intelligence agents. They are nothing of the sort. Whatever their academic and government credentials, they were little shits without any intellectiual inclination whatsoever. If anything, they were paper shufflers posted as operatives to "indoor work". But I cannot see how this could be so because they had such low IQs and they were generally irresponsible and unreliable.   
Drop a dime on the floor and they probably run for it. There is no doubt that they were very corrupt. Many native people deserving of visas to the U. S. were denied them until they or their American guarantors could find the right lawyer in Bangkok to make payment to the consul of a bribe of several thousand dollars. Meanwhile, they saw many local men and women who in no way qualifiied for visas get them because they were prostitutes.
They caused trouble whenever they saw an opportunity to do so, regardless of the possible consequences to others or to themselves.
Over the past 35 years I found many cables and messages signed by U. S. consuls complaining bitterly about American tourists. The cables were complete lies and meant to mislead local officials. Many of these cables were posted on the bulletin boards of the consulates of other countries. Others were shown to me by foreign officials. The U. S. consuls were, in effect, begging for the arrests, incarceration and expulsion of American tourists. And for no good reason! 
You find such ill-willed officials in all embassies of all countries at one time or another. But the most are by far in American embassies and State Department offices in Washington, D. C. There are always a couple dozen of them in an American embassy.
Why Boeing would ever hire Boyce I cannot imagine. Perhaps we should take a look at the company. Perhaps it's gone down the drain.

Cuckoo! Cuckoo!
Hiding behind a woman’s skirt?
Lycos Tripod blocking many websites
exposing pedophiles in Thailand 
Dear Mr. Blackstone,


Are you aware that Lycos Tripod was purchased by an Indian company, Ybrant Digital, last August? 


Are you aware also that within the past few months Lycos Tripod has blocked dozens of active websites that display the names and photos of missing children and expose pedophile and prostitution rings and traffickers in women and children?  


My website too, John Thomas Again, has been blocked by Lycos Tripod since last December. The website exposed Thai mafias of entrenched old pro-Axis collaborationists that control the law courts and legal representation in Thailand. These mafias employ Americans and Europeans to do their dirty work.


According to Lycos Tripod, an American woman, Jane Puranananda, objected to my website. Ms. Puranananda works for a shady law firm in Bangkok, Dej-Udom & Associates, owned by Dej-Udom Krairat. She is also the English-speaking contact for the country’s legal assistance office, today called the Lawyers Council of Thailand, also headed by Dej-Udom Krairat.

This law firm has represented Thai and foreign gangsters operating international pedophile and prostitution rings and trafficking in women and children for illicit labor and prostitution. The legal assistance offic e absolutely refuses to pursue cases against the traffic in children. The law firm and legal assistance office have resorted to all sorts of dirty tricks to obstruct due process. Ms. Puranananda has done her boss's bidding in this.

Evidently, Ms. Puranananda does not like being exposed.

Lycos Tripod is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. In that state there are numerous websites that post complaints from the public about lawyers. This is a great service. Thailand has no such website. Lycos Tripod seems to be one company that is making sure of that.

Pedophiles or mafiosi might be running Lycos Tripod operations with mafias in small Third World countries to cover criminal operations and delay exposure.  

If a loved one went missing in Thailand, consider asking the FBI to question Dej-Udom Krairat and Jane Puranananda the next time they fly to the U. S. Any law enforcement agency can contact me. I will be more than happy to provide evidence and produce witnesses.

The FBI might want to question Lycos Tripod personnel, too. 

John ("Jack") Thomas, Jr., New York, New York, January 19, 2011

Ed. Note:

Lycos Tripod unblocked the website, John Thomas, on January 29, 2011. The site can be viewed at: http://johnthomasagain.tripod.com/


A message from Vance Lewin, Bermuda, January 31, 2011


I read the correspondence between Lycos Tripod and John Thomas. It is on the John Thomas website.


Frankly, I think Lycos Tripod personnel in Waltham were bribed by Puranananda or her boss, Dej-Udom Krairat, or someone acting for them, to block the website.


Will Dej-Udom Krairat try to get a court order to block the website? What judge in the U. S. would do that for him? There would have to be an investigation first. Krairat does not want that. An investigation will uncover many things and lead to the arrests of Krairat and Puranananda and others for any number of things.   


Krairat and Puranananda are counting on forming a conspiracy with U. S. officials, perhaps with the CIA, against the public good. They might try to get to American officials with prostitution and pedophilia.



Additional message from Vance Lewin, March 19, 2015:


I should add that my own wesbite account with Lycos Tripod was blocked too. One website described misconduct by Jane Puranananda in Thailand. There are many Americans who are in Thailand just to cause trouble   -   for Americans, local natives, anyone. Purananada is a cancer in Thailand. Start with her association with the nootorious Thai publisher River Books in River City in Bangkok. There is not a bigger producer of trash in the world than River Books. One can only conclude that Puranananda is mentally retarted. 



Who is Jane Purananada really?

Message from Saul Stein, New York City, January 9, 2012

I have read many articles and websites about this elderly American woman in Bangkok over the years. Lots of facts. Many photos. Purananada is the surname of her Thai husband. Nowhere has there ever been mention of her maiden name. That looks very awkward. And nobody in Bangkok seems to known what it is. Of course, no one cares.

There can be no doubt that Jane Puranananda has deliberately kept her maiden name hidden. Why?

She has very Slavic facial features. She went to Barnard College in the 1979s or 1980s. Somebody asked me if she was Jewish or Italian. Frankly, I have no idea. But I would like to know her maiden name.




Really wanna know?

A comment by Prasert na Ayuttaya, New York City, January 12, 2014

Jane Puranananda was born around 1950. She’s the daughter of an American chemical company executive. Her husband's name is Chami Puranananda. He is half-Thai and half-German and grew up in Switizerland. They met in New York around 1970. He was studying engineering at Columbia U. She was at Barnard. She has been in Thailand since the mid-1980s. They have two daughters.

She went to work for Dej-Udom Krairat, in the latter's private law firm in Bangkok, in 1992.

Many people are cheated by lawyers in Thailand. If they have a good case, their lawyers often go over to the other side for more pay or for a deal of some kind. Their case is tossed out. Sometimes they wind up in jail   -   or worse.

Unfortunately, lawyers assigned to them by the Law Society of Thailand (today called the Lawyers Council of Thailand), a private legal aid group, also headed by Dej-Udom Krairat, often do the same thing.

Complaints about lawyers to the Law Society seldom, if ever, accomplish anything. And complaints to Dej-Udom, made directly to his private law firm in Bangkok, are seldom, if ever, acknowledged.

Foreign complainants, referred to Dej-Udom’s office by the Law Society (Lawyers’ Council), are given the run-around by Jane Puranananda and efforts to hire the firm’s lawyers and translators are thwarted (the lawyer and translator will not show up in court). (She cannot deny that! I have heard recorded telephone conversations and read the transcripts.)

When foreigners in Thailand ask their embassies to recommend a law firm, Dej-Udom's firm often tops the list. That is because Jane Puranananda put it there.  

Many people believe Dej-Udom Krairat is behind the blockage of many websites that expose corrupt Thai officials. 



Who is the company's lawyer in Thailand?

A message from Wattana Na Nakhon, Bangkok, April 2, 2014

We need to know if Lycos Tripod or Ybrant Digital have any dealings with the law firm of Dej-Udom Krairat in Bangkok.

If so, that would explain the blockage of Lycos Tripod websites posted from Thailand.  

Any foreign company doing business is Thailand must hire a local lawyer. If Lycos Tripod or Ybrant Digital have any business in Bangkok they must have a Thai lawyer.

If their lawyer is Dej-Udom then we know why Lycos Tripod has been blocking websites that expose the local associates of the pedophile and prostitution rings trafficking in women and children.

And Jane Puranananda might be the go-between.

But blocking a website because it exposes a lawyer's clients is not legal in the U. S. or Thailand without a court order.

I know of several persons working for foreign Internet companies who visit Bangkok periodically to make or collect illicit payments to or from local officials.


A military dictator does not need a court order

Just a lawyer to kiss his ass

A message from Jack Calloway, Lincoln, Nebraska, October 10, 2014 

In the two days before the Thai army declared martial law on May 24, 2014, the names of two Thai lawyers appeared in the local press. They had not been heard from in some time. One of those lawyers was Dej-Udom Krairat. The other was another like him   -   a crook who has been around far too long. They make frequent payments to the local press to publicize them. Something was up and, believe it or not, I sensed a coup on the way. The two lawyers were trying to position themselves in a way that would allow them to take advantage of a military dictatorship.  

In the days leading up to the previous coup d'etat, in 2006, and the days following that coup, the same lawyers appeared in the press and they were up to the same thing.

Dej-Udom and other lawyers in private practice or government were probably behind the blockage of many private websites that exposedf them and their cronies in 2006. They made private business deals with the coup leaders. Thus, they did not need a court order. So the sites were blocked by the army.

This time, however, there have been far fewer blockages. Up to now, anyway. I am sure there have been some but I have not read of any. I have heard complaints that the junta is obsessed with pornography and repeatedly blocks pornographic sites but the blockage is random and haphazard.





CIA, FBI, Defense Department plant spies in Internet companies

A message from Benito Neri, Washington, D. C., April 25, 2014 

The CIA and the State Department run international pedophile and prostitution rings and traffic in women and children.

The FBI and CIA have infiltrated every Internet company in the world. It is possible that their plant(s) at Lycos Tripod blocked the website accounts that expose State Department officials who are complicit in pedophile and prostitution rings and the traffic in women and children on their orders.




It's an old story

Embassy personnel and the smuggling of antiquities

A message from H. Rollins, Bangkok, Oct. 10, 2013

The theft of cultural artefacts from Thailand is blatant and widespread.

And foreign service officials are very much involved. They make no attemot to hide their theft of antiquities. They boast about it. They show off their collections.

The interesting thing is that these foreign service officials often use Thais to get the artefacts or smuggle them out of the country. Often, the Thais work for the embassy and carry the diplomatic pouch.

In today's Bangkok Post there is an article about the disappearance of many artefacts from a famous archeological site in Udon Thani and their return by the American foreign service officials who stole them or by their children.

Americans return Ban Chiang artefacts - 

Five Americans have returned 76 Ban Chiang artefacts which went missing from Udon Thani years ago.


I would like to know how they got the artefacts.   

See also:

Ancient artefacts back where they belong   -  

Antiquities looted from archeological sites have been returned thanks to the painstaking efforts of Thai and US authorities

Bangkok Post, Spectrum Section, Sunday, October 26, 2014



A history of theft and recovery

Same issue 



More about stolen antiquities

A message from Dawee Thorani, Bangkok, November 20, 2014

There is another article in the Bangkok Post today, November 20, about artefacts stolen from Thailand. It's on page 4. US returns more than 500 looted antiquities.

It notes that the U. S. Attorney General (which means the FBI too) has conducted a seven-year investigation and returned some 7,000 artefacts from the U. S. to 30 different countries.

The great bulk of these antiquities were looted by American  embassy and consular officials and Americans employed by the US government, like the CIA, in those countries. Many had been sold to museums. Others were found in private collections by descendants of the theives and smugglers.

Of course, locals, like Thais, sold them to the Americans. The Americans smuggled them out. 

It is still going on. Same people.   

See: http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/444321/us-returns-more-than-500-looted-antiquities   




Hacking the Internet
A message from E. Troy, Bangkok, 1 december 2018
As far as I know, the present junta in Thailand has not blocked one single website. (Of course, I don't know everything.) This junta is not concerned about criticism, as long as it is constructive. If something needs to be done, point it out. I haven't tried it myself. It probably depends on who you are and how you go about it. Maybe a few traditional gifts help.  
Living in Thailand today is quite pleasant. No crazy politicians. No transvestite parades. No disappointing let downs by bums and very mediocre types every day. 
It's a smooth ride. No noise. No nouveau-riche political parvenues. A lame American ambassador, mouth gagged. Perfect.  
Apparently, there are to be nation-wide elections again   -   next February (2019). Let's see how long it lasts. How long before some idiots provoke another coup? 
Politicians are interested only in money, letting people down, and mooning the public. Some are actually foreign agents. Their business is stirring up trouble, poisoning childen's milk, infecting prostitutes, screwing up paper work, hacking the Internet.
Victor Anderson, Bangkok

Have you heard of the Department of Homeland Security?
A mesage from A. L., Cairo, December 8, 2018
"Officially", this federal agency, the Department of Homeland Security, was created after the Arab attack on the World Trade Centre in 2001 to protect the U. S. Actually, it was set up to quiet public criticism. In fact, it was just for the press.
It is really a front for subversives.
The first thing to notice about this agency is that its personnel are almost entirely ethnic. Italians mostly. Even Orientals. Not one Anglo-Saxon there. If there is someone with an English name, it is probably a gay black. Blue collar types with a pencil and keyboard. Where did they learn to spell? Bums who talk and look like goons. 
Report a crime ring and they join it. Report a paedophile ring and they join it. They collude with smugglers, traffickers, thieves. Report a corrupt US consul and they back him. 
They are not at all interested in security. They are interested in bribes. Or doing a job against you.
They do not answer calls or letters.
The Department of Homeland Security is a fraud. A complete waste of taxpayer money. If there is another World Trade Centre attack, that agency was certainly in on it.
Andy L., Cairo



Just to mention a few 


Some local co-conspirators  


Bad cops, Thai and foreign, in Thailand



Amarin Niemsakul,


Kerkpong Pookpuyura (Kriekphong Phukprayoon),


Watcharapol Prasarnrajkit,


Jean Allaert (Belgian federal police liaison, Belgian Embassy, Bangkok)  



visitor's comment, on February 10, 2005, from:

 name: Roger Heinz

email: hjyw28@hotmail.com


Dear Mr. Blackstone,


I refer to your comment that Christopher Richard, who was head of the American Citizens Section at the American Consulate in Bangkok in 1995 and 1996, conspired with Thai officials to obstruct an investigation into the trafficking of the child to Belgium by an international pedophile ring that included American, Belgian and Thai officials.


I recall reading an article in the past year that identified one of the Thai officials as Amarin Niemsakul (pronounced "Nim-sa-koon"), a major general in the Thai police who was commander of the Foreign Affairs Division in 1995 and 1996. He conspired with Richard to obstruct an investigation of the case by his office. His reward was a posting in Washington, D. C., as Thailand's Interpol representative.


Amarin is now a lieutenant general in the Thai police and chief of the Thai immigration police.


Amarin could be identified as a major crime figure, or certainly as a public official who is in collusion with drug traffickers and traffickers in women and children, in the region.


(There is a Niemsakul in Chiang Mai who is involved in sending Thai nurses to New Zealand. As far as I know, this woman is a relative of Amarin and this is one of the reasons why some Thai nurses have not signed on.)


Indeed, some of the American, Belgian and Thai officials complicit in the child trafficking case, like Ralph Boyce and Amarin Niemsakul, are still around   -   and in positions where they can further obstruct investigations and recovery efforts.


Roger Heinz



name: Henry Lund, Los Angeles, California
comment: July 14, 2005
According to an article on page two of the Bangkok Post this morning, July 14, 2005, the Thai police official, Amarin Niemsakul, who was mentioned by one of this website's visitors (above), has been removed from his post as commissioner of the immigration office for alleged "widespread corruption" and the office's "poor performance".
The article added that Amarin is to be transferred to the post of acting commissioner of the Police Forensic Science Bureau. This must be a mistake. Transferring a policemen for alleged corruption from one post to another post can spread corruption. Amarin should be transferred to an inactive post. Short of prosecution or dismissal, that is the usual procedure.
Henry Lund, Los Angeles, California


Amarin Niemsakul, Commander of Foreign Affairs Division, Royal Thai Police, 1995- 1996

There were more cops involved.
A comment from Jethro Ullman of Bangkok, October 31, 2005:
I recall that there were other Thai policemen who conspired in the trafficking of a Thai child from Thailand to pedophiles in Belgium in August and September 1995: Pol. Lt.-Gen. Kiattisak Prapabat, Commander of the Immigration Bureau; and his office assistant, Pol. Capt. Saopak Chaosuan (policewoman); and Pol. Maj. Jongsak Yamlamoon, Tourist Police, Pattaya.
Pol. Maj.-Gen. Amarin became involved later, in the following year, by conspiring to obstruct an investigation into the matter and obstruct efforts to trace the child.
Pol. Lt.-Gen. Kiattisak and Pol. Capt. Saopak were roundly criticized for their conduct. In an effort to salvage his reputation shortly afterward, Pol. Lt.-Gen. Kiattisak ordered the Immigration Bureau to launch a crackdown on pedophiles in Pattaya. The Thai press publicized the order. In fact, however, it was just false publicity meant to rescue Pol. Lt.-Gen. Kiattisak.
Pol. Maj. Jongsak of the Tourist Police in Pattaya helped the traffickers evade attempts to protect the child. Pol. Maj. Jomgsak was roundly condemned for his complicity in the case. Later, to save his reputation, he used a contact in Pattaya with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to publicize his involvement in an arrest of pedophiles in Pattaya. News of the arrest were broadcast worldwide.
Jethro Ullman
Ed. note: Some point out that Pol. Lt.-Gen. Kiattisak's daughter married an American and operated a travel agency in Pattaya.

More Dirty Cops
Pol. Col. Kerkpong Pookpooyoorah
(Kriekphong Phukprayoon)
Inspector, Foreign Affairs Division
Royal Thai Polixce
Jean Allaert
Belgian Federal Police
Liaison, Belgian Enbassy, Bangkok 
Conspiring with Pedophiles,
Kidnappers, Traffickers, Procurers and Murderers
A comment from James C. Greene, Bangkok, January 20, 2006
There were more cops involved in this case than mentioned above.
Considerably more.
So many, in fact, that one quickly realizes that Thais are inately perverse or extremeley dependent on the traffic in women and children.
It's both, actually.
According to some reports, Thailand reaps more from the traffic in women than it does the traffic in narcotics. Some of the cops were in contact with the American Embassy in Bangkok. It's no secret that the embassy has vested interets in both illicit trades.
There were other policeman at the Foreign Affairs Division of the Thai police, like Pol. Col. Kerkpong Pookpooyoorah (Ed: also spelled Kriekphong Phukprayoon). He went on to command the Immigration Bureau where he was caught taking a huge bribe from a notorious Indian gangster. This caused a scandal in the press. 
There were at least three national police chiefs involved, too.
James C. Greene
Ed: Pol. Col. Kerkpong Pookpooyoorah (also spelled Kriekphong Phukprayoon), an aide to the commander of the Foreign Affairs Division, was promoted to the rank of Pol. Maj. Gen. and made head of the Immigration Bureau in late 2000. He was immediately caught acepting a bribe of 25 million baht ($600,000) to allow an Indian gangster to escape Thailand. Yet, he retained his position.
How extensive was Kriekphong's conspiracy with pedophiles?
A comment from Ralph Wacski, Chonburi, Thailand, January 23, 2009:
Did Pol. Col. Kerkpong (Kriekpong) acept a bribe from the Belgians in Bangkok to ignore requests to recover a Thai trafficking victim in Belgium?  Was he bribed to intimidate witnesses in Thailand?
American Consul in Bangkok conspired with Thai cops to obstruct recovery of trafficking victim and to intimidate witnesses 
A comment from (name withheld upon request), March 4, 2009:
One comment to this website suggests that Belgian police representatives in Thailand are in conspiracy with the Thai police to traffic women and children to Belgium.
That may be true, but so are American embassy officials. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Thai prostitutes are sent abroad by American consular officials in Bangkok every year. Sometimes, children are trafficked along with the prostitutes. Some of the prostitutes go to work for the Cosa Nostra in the U. S.
Some American consular officials in Bangkok are in frequent contact with officials of the Foreign Affairs Division of the Thai police. Paul O. Mayer, mentioned on this website, worked for the consular section in Thailand for some ten years before leaving in 2002. Mayer, who worked with Christopher Richard and Thomas Furey, was, like them, determined to thwart search and recovery efforts for traffciking victims. Mayor was often in contact with  Pol. Col. Kriekphong Phukprayoon when the latter was at the Foreign Affairs Division of the Thai police. He probably conpsired with Kriekphong to intimidate witnesses.
I thought they were free-lancers, working out of the home or using the office . . .
Thai prostitutes in the U. S. working for La Cosa Nostra?
A comment by Sal Terrasini, Los Angeles, California, March 10, 2009:
Maybe some of them do. But I know from personal experience that many of the prostitutes that are trafficked to the U. S. with the complictity of American Embassy personnel in Bangkok go to work for Thai gangs in the U. S. These are usually Chinese gangs that operate in both Thailand and the U. S. They fix the consular personnel. They fix the immigration officials. The girls go to work for these gangs once they're in the U. S.
Who are these gangsters? Some of them are ex-Thai cops living in the U. S. Some of them were once high government officials in Thailand. In every Thai community in the world there are gangs trafficking in prostitutes and narcotics. Some have contacts with the Yakuza. Some have contacts with La Cosa Nostra. Many Thai prostitutes in the U. S. work in joints run by mafiosi.
A message from Jack Conti, Phuket, December 23, 2004
Wasn't Allaert a spy for an Italian millionaire or an Italian company? He dropped by a club for Italians in Pattaya sometimes. There were some odd stories about goings-on there.

Ed.'s note (September 21, 2007):
Pol. Col. Kriekphong Phukprayoon's superior at the time was the Commander of the Foreign Affairs Division (FAD), Pol. Maj.-Gen. Watcharapol Prasarnrajkit (พล.ต.ท.วัชรพล ประสารราชกิจ). Watcharapol was intransigent during the search for a child who had been trafficked abroad. (Gen. Watcharapol was the Thai police's top spokesman in 2007 and 2008.)
Pol. Maj.-Gen. Watcharapol Prasarnrajkit
(พล.ต.ท.วัชรพล ประสารราชกิจ)
พล.ต.ท.วัชรพล  ประสารราชกิจ
Commander of the Foreign Affairs Division (FAD)
The current FAD Commander, Pol. Maj. Gen. Visanu (Pisanu, Visanu) Prasattongosoth (ปราสาททองโอสถ), and his deputy, Pol. Col. Nakul Kolkich, are notorious for their persisitent obstruction of search efforts for trafficking victims over many years.


Nathathorn Prousoonthorn (or Nathathorn Prousoontorn  / พันตำรวจเอก ณัฐธร เพราะสุนทร
High aide and deputy executive director, International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA), Bangkok

More recently, another Thai policeman, Pol. Col. Nathathorn Prousoonthorn (alternatively, Nattachorn Parohsoonthorn or Nathathorn Prousoontorn)
(พันตำรวจเอก ณัฐธร  เพราะสุนทร), deputy executive director of the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in Bangkok and a high aide to the current national police chief, Pol. Gen. Seripisut Temiyawet, conspired with other Thai (and perhaps also American) officials to obtruct search efforts. Pol. Gen. Seripisut himself appears to have compromised efforts to trace the victim.   
International Law Enforcement Academies (ILEAs) were created in 1995. There are five ILEAs: Roswell, New Mexico; Gabarone, Botswana; San Salvador, El Salavador; Budapest, Hungary; and Bangkok, Thailand. They are run by the State Department's Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) and its Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS).
A full listing of Thai policemen complicit in the crime will be posted here shortly. 
ILEA a joke?
The ILEA was to assist the Thais in setting up airport security systems, among other things.
In June 2015, a former Bangkok police chief, Comronwit Toopgrajank, was arrested at Narita Airport in Japan when a security check discovered a loaded gun in his carry-on bag or box.
The ex-cop was on his way home to Bangkok after a group tour of an incineration plant in Japan.
The ex-cop claimed the gun was his and that he had brought it with him to Japan on a flight from Thailand.
This caused a scandal.
How did he get the gun through Japanese airport security upon arrival?
And how did he get it onto a plane in Bangkok?
Airport security in Bangkok insisted it maintained its security system with the same international standards as the Japanese. If anyone tried to get on a plane with a gun they would  be stopped.
Airport security in Bangkok insisted that the ex-cop was thoroughly checked before boarding the plane to Japan.
That meant he got the gun in Japan and tried to bring it back to Thailand.
Furthermore, the airport in Bangkok added, the ex-cop did not apply for the customary permit to carry a gun in his baggage.
The ex-cop claimed he forgot that his gun was in his medicine box. He claimed the box with the gun was checked baggage in Bangkok.
The Thai junta leader ordered an investigation of Bangkok Airport's security.
The results:
No gun or ammunition was detected when the ex-cop passed through the security check-point upon entering the airport.
After baggage is checked in, the airport runs it through five "CTX" security scans.
So the gun and the live ammunition were obtained in Japan.
Initially, the press reported that the ex-cop checked in as a VIP passenger in Bangkok and as such he and his baggage were submitted to fewer checks.
Is that so? That is interesting.
But airport video showed that he checked in as an economy class passenger and checked his baggage economy. Thus, his baggage went through all the checks.
Not so.
The airport reported that the first scanner of the ex-cop's luggage showed no gun, which looked like a very small .38 the size of a deringer. So the baggage was not passed through the remaining four scans. The scan was automatically erased after three days.
It was further revelead that CTX scanners detect bombs and explosives but not guns.
But it was a loaded gun. So, why weren't the five bullets detected?
It was admitted that the Bangkok airport's security system was not full-proof and may have "deteriorated" since its installation when the airport opened in 2006.
The ex-policeman returned to Thailand and nothing more was heard.
But all that is beside the point.
The press claimed the Thai airport runs three different levels of security checks. Economy Class passengers are submitted to the most thorough checks. First or Business Class are submitted to less thorough checks. VIP passengers are submitted to the least checks.
If that is so, a terrorist will certainly go VIP.
Not so, said the airport. Everyone is submitted to the same checks. VIP, Business and Economy. 
With all the claims and denials the actual situation was not clear. The question remained. Can a passenger going VIP check a loaded gun onto a plane in Bangkok?
And if the airport's CTX scanners cannot detect guns and live bullets, why haven't they been replaced?
The ILEA screwed up.  
Steven R., Bangkok, October 11, 2016 
Thai cops have deals with by co-conspirators at embassy 
Message from Pierre Jappes, Bangkok, August 21, 2008:
Are you aware that at a time when it was difficult for Thais to get a visa, some of the Thai cops mentioned on this site traveled frequently to the US?
Others are resident there!
Several have family ties to the US. The daughter of one of the cops mentioned here, I think it's Kiattisak Prapabat or Kerkpong Pookpuyura, both former top immigration chiefs, married an American and runs a travel agency in Pattaya. It's off Soi Bokhao somewhere. Some Thai prostitutes use the agency to get to the US.   

Pedophile Ring in Antwerp & Pattaya
Two places where sexual deviants operate in the open . . . and the cops are wierd . . .


Guillaume "Jimmy the Belgian" Vogeleer (pronounced "Fo - hel - er"), part-owner of The Airborne Legion Bar on Soi Post Office, Pattaya, Thailand, 1992 - 1999

Florimond De Loose
part-owner of Auto Afbraak Flor
Womelgem, Antwerp, Belgium

Message from Frans Hausmann of Pattaya, Thailand, January 23, 2005

Regarding the pedophile scandal at the American Embassy in Bangkok:

The efforts to protect the Thai child mentioned by Mr. Blackstone  were obstructed by a pedophile and prostitution ring based in Antwerp, Belgium, and Pattaya, Thailand.

This gang procured women and children to American and Belgian officials in Thailand, including local embassy personnel.

One member of the gang was a well-known Belgian hit-man and sub-contract killer, jewel thief and con-man, Guillaume Vogeleer, originally from Brussels, who owned a bar in Pattaya called the “Airborne Legion Bar”, which was registered in his Thai wife’s name. Vogeleer, who used the name “Jimmy the Belgian”, and his wife’s family had long ties to prostitution.

Vogeleer hung around the “Madrid Bar” on Pat Pong, Bangkok go-go bar strip, for many years. He procured girls and children and peddled stolen gems to expatriates in Thailand, in particular employees of the American and Belgian embassies and other missions in Bangkok.

Vogeleer led efforts to bribe Thai welfare and immigration officials to withdraw an official protective order preventing the child’s mother from taking him out of the country.

To cover up later, Vogeleer and the Belgian ambassador threw a party to celebrate Belgian National Day at the Pattaya Orphanage and donated rice to the orphanage.

Another member of the pedophile and prostitution gang was Florimond (“Flor”) De Loose, part owner of a car junkyard in Wommelgem, a suburb of Antwerp. In the early and mid-nineties, De Loose hung out often at the “Ketelja”, the most notorious bar in Antwerp’s red-light district.

When Vogeleer died in 1999 (he drank himself to death), his wife sold the “Airborne Legion Bar” to De Loose, who renamed it “De Ster”. The bar is registered in the name De Loose’s Thai wife, Prayoon (“Tim“) Sinchoo. Belgian policemen on vacation and Belgian officials from Bangkok frequent it.

Sinchoo planned fraudulent registrations of the child, to be perpetrated in Belgium, before immigration officials in Thailand withdrew the order to keep him in the country.

Frans Hausmann

e-mail: franshausmann@yahoo.com




There is no honor among thieves. What about pedophiles?
Another visitor's comment:
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name: Ltc. Sunthon Pornthip
comment, on July 2, 2005:
We want inform that Frans Hausmann is under investigation for many illegal activities in Thailand.

Ed.: A check with the Thai armed forces and the Royal Thai Police has thus far failed to turn up a soldier or a policeman by the name of Sunthorn Pornthip anywhere in Thailand. Perhaps it will be possible to locate the computer that transmitted the above message and perhaps the sender, too.

A visitor's comment, from Frans Hausmann, in reply to the above, on July 17, 2005:


The comment about me in an email message to your website is false and the dirty work of a well-known criminal gang of Belgians and Thais, which includes Belgian and Thai policemen, who traffic in women and children, in Antwerp, Brussels, Bangkok and Pattaya. They procure children to pedophiles and women to pimps. They can account for the disappearances of numerous Thais abroad over the years. The many government and non-governmental agencies that claim to be working for the protection of women and children actually work for the traffickers. Otherwise this scum would be in jail like Michel Nihoul and Marc Dutroux.



Ed.: Frans Hausmann lives in Antwerp. He has long opposed legalized prostitution and its open pursuit in tourist spots in Belgium. In an additional comment, Mr. Hausmann laments: "Families with young children on visits to the famous Napoleonic battle field, Waterloo, which is a national tourist spot in Belgium, walk through the quiet center of the tiny village nearby where they are exposed to almost fully-naked prostitutes sitting in big department store-size ground floor windows, at mid-day. There are similar spots in Antwerp."  





Thai Cops moonlighting as hitmen
Comment by Calvin Denwort, Pattaya, March 5, 2008:
Regarding the comment of Ltc. Sunthon Pornthip:
This comment was probably sent by a crank, most likely a Thai friend of Vogeleer or, more likely, Vogeleer's widow.
It could also have come from a pedophile who hangs around some of the Belgian establishments in Pattaya.
Is this guy a Thai cop?
The Lao wife of Guillaume Vogeleer had several sisters who also operated bars in Pattaya. I heard that they knew Thai policemen who moonlighted as hitmen. Vogeleer was known to the local Belgian and French communities as a contact for local hitmen and, it was said, they could have someone eliminated through him. If that is so, he could have used his wife's family to contract killings.  

A comment by Jack Salerno, January 26, 2005:
Guillaume Vogeleer, a Belgian expatriate in Thailand who went by the nickname of "Jimmy", spent a lot of time at the Madrid Bar on Pat Pong in Bangkok in the 1980's. But I seem to recall that he was the manager of the bar.
Jack Salerno
Bangkok, Thailand
A comment by Jean-Francois Costa of Belgium, March 6, 2006:
It was my impression that Guillaume Vogeleer, a Belgian who frequented the Madrid Bar in the 1980s, was employed by the owner or manager of the bar as a bouncer. That might sound odd considering that he was barely over five feet tall. But I saw him rough up some customers a couple of times and toss them out. 
Jean-Francois Costa
Brussels, Belgium 

A comment by Vittorio Paulini in Pattaya, February 11, 2006


Guillaume (“Jimmy the Belgian”) Vogeleer was closest to another Belgian, Guy Moreau. Moreau was a sort of older brother to Vogeleer.


Moreau was from the city of Charleroix in southern Belgium. Vogeleer was from around Brussels.


Vogeleer met Moreau in the Congo, where Moreau's family lived, when Vogeleer was sent with the Belgian army to protect Belgian inhabitants in 1965.


Vogeleer followed Moreau to Thailand in the 1970s, where Moreau settled down.


Vogeleer worked as a mercenary, body guard, contract-killer, pimp and procurer. He also dealt in gems, often stolen.


In the 1980s, Vogeleer hung out in bars in Bangkok's bar district, Pat Pong. Like many Frenchman, Belgians and Thais who had been in the army, Vogeleer was a big fan of older American ex-CIA paramilitary men who had stayed on in Thailand after American forces pulled out of Indo-China and Thailand in 1975.    


Moreau lived in Pattaya for many years, in the 1980s and 1990s, where he worked as a manager, cook and bartender in numerous French and Belgian bars and restaurants. He also worked as a translator of English, French and Flemish. 


When Vogeleer moved to Pattaya from Bangkok in 1992 and opened his Airborne Legion Bar there, Moreau was the cook and bartender and also the actual manager. 


Moreau “vanished” soon after Vogeleer’s death in 1999.


Vittorio Paulini






Dirty Secrets?
A visitor's comment from Aert Tiebout, Bangkok, September 17, 2006:
Interesting to read about Guy Moreau and Guillaume Vogeleer after all these years.
They were both thieves.
Moreau was once fired from his job at a hotel in Pattaya for stealing guests' valuables from the hotel safe. 
Vogeleer stole gems, often on the border, and sold them at discount to certain people to ingratiate himself with them.  
Aert Tiebout
An inquiry about the above sent by Francis H. in Cannes, France by email, June 12, 2008: 
What was the name of the hotel in Pattaya that fired Moreau for stealing guests' valuables from the hotel safe?
Francis H.
A reply to the above from Aert Tiebout, March 15, 2010:
The hotel was the Welkom In. It is still there, in North Pattaya, on Soi 3 between Beach Road 1 and Beach Road 2. It's about half-way down the block.
The small hotel was once a rest house for employees of a Japanese firm in Bangkok. It was sold to a Flemish Belgian in 1987 and he opened a hotel and bar there. He sold it later in the year to a French Belgian with a Flemish surname.
Moreau went to work as a cook for the hotel's restaurant, when the second owner took over. The owner - and others - caught Moreau stealing from the safe. The owner fired him. I don't think the police were called in or victims notified.  

A visitor's comment from Neil Dampier in Pattaya, September 16, 2006:


I recall that Guillaume Vogeleer opened a small bar, occupying one unit, in Soi Yamato in Pattaya in 1992. He had a partner, a little Frenchman or Corsican, by the name of Patrick, who had been a clerk in the French Foreign Legion. The bar, called the Airborne Legion bar, derived its name from the Belgian army paratroopers which Vogeleer joined in the mid-1960s and the French Foreign Legion.


Guy Moreau, from southern Belgium, was the cook and bartender.


The bar moved around the block to Soi Post Office a year or two later. It occupied one unit. The bar expanded to two units in 1996.


Vogeleer’s French partner opened his own bar on Soi Post Office, with Moreau as bartender, in 1995. An erratic character, Vogeleer's partner, Patrick, absconded in the late 1990s, leaving large debts and employees unpaid.  


Vogeleer’s Thai wife, a Lao woman from northeastern Thailand, and her sisters ran bars that employed bargirls about Pattaya for several years. They might still be around but I haven’t seen them in some time.  


Neil Dampier






Where are you now?


Message from M. B., November 24, 2011


I'm not sure that Vogeleer's Thai wife was a Lao as Mr. Dampier claims. I thought she was a Khmer. She certainly looked like one. Dark brown skin. Coordinated. But you get Laos like that too.


M. B.




Vogeleer sought to use Belgian Embassy and the Pattaya Orphanage to cover pedophile and prostitution ring
A comment from Lou Pettaci, Bangkok, October 25, 2006:
Dear Mr. Blackstone,
I recall the child trafficking case mentioned on your website. I lived in Pattaya in the 1990s.
Reading an editor's comment on this website about Guillaume Vogeleer's background, I was reminded of the child trafficking case (which happened) in 1995.
I recalled that Vogeleer, to cover up the pedophile and prostitution ring that traficked the child, claimed to represent the Belgian Embassy in an official capacity. He tried to make the claim stick by runnig notices (to that effect) in the local newspapers for several years (subsequently).
Vogeleer also organized a visit to the Pattaya Orphanage in the following year, 1996, with local Belgians and Frenchmen of questionable backgrounds and interests, to celeberate Belgian National Day (July 21). They got in by offereing free rice to the orphanage. The directors of the orphanage were present and supervised the party. The Belgian ambassador was invited and was present, although he might not have been aware of Vogeleer's motives. The party was publicized in the press. It was a one-time event, however. Vogeleer thought it had served his purpose.

Notorious bar has a new name
Comment by Bart Millard, Pattaya, June 30, 2006:
The bar, "De Ster", owned by Florimond De Loose of Antwerp, Belgium, and Prayoon "Tim" Sinchoo of Ubon Rajatani, on Soi Post Office in Pattaya, changed its name recently to "De Star".
Ster in Dutch means star in English. For some reason, the owner changed the name to "Star".
The bar is still a hang-out for Belgian cops.
Bart Millard

Was Vogeleer an imposter?


A comment from Nick Fife of Bangkok (email: nickfife@yahoo.com), April 14, 2005:

I refer to an obituary about Jack Shirley, a former CIA agent who lived in Bangkok and passed away in 2002, by a journalist, Richard S. Erlich, who writes for the Washington Times.

Shirley set up a paramilitary training camp in Udon Thani for the CIA in the early 1970s, to train Laos and Thais in guerrilla warfare before sending them into Laos. The camp was closed in 1975 when the US pulled out of Indo-China.

I understand that Shirley created the paramilitary Thai Border (ed.: Patrol) Police. The Border (ed.: Patrol) Police joined the Thai military in annual exercises at the naval base at Sattahip earlier this year (ed.: April 2, 2005), marking the first time the Thai Border (ed.: Patrol) police was involved in Thai military training exercises.

According to Mr. Erlich, Shirley hung out at the Madrid Bar on Pat Pong Lane in Bangkok after his retirement from the CIA. Many believed the bar to be a hangout for CIA men. Shirley owned a bar nearby, also on Pat Pong, which was frequented by mercenaries, spooks, bounty hunters, journalists, photographers, and curious US embassy personnel.

I saw Shirley once at the Madrid Bar at one of the monthly local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) meetings. A few of his old friends from the days of the war in Laos - expatriate Americans living in Udon Thani - were also present. A Belgian, Guillaume Vogeleer, who was also called "Jimmy the Belgian", came to the meeting, too, but he was not an American veteran, nor had he been associated with the American government or the American war in Indo-China.

Nick Fife, Bangkok

Ed. notes:

(1) James William (Bill) Lair, a CIA agent, was sent to Thailand in 1950 and, as Thailand's CIA base chief, set up the Thai Police Aerial Reinforcement Unit (PARU). Jack Shirley was Lair's deputy and worked with PARU for a time. Jack Shirley also had a role in the Thai Border Patrol Police (BPP) in the early 1950s. Jack Shirley often got together with old friends at the Madrid Bar.



In response to the comment by Nick Fife (see above):


A visitor’s comment from Kym Ryan, August 29, 2006


I used to frequent The Madrid in Patpong. Rick Menard's Grand Prix, and Tiger Ryberg's Lucy's Tiger Den as well. I am a former member of VFW China Post One.


The statement, by Nick Fife in reference to Col. Vogeleer (awarded Maj Gen rank on completion of all duties) that "A Belgian, Guillaume Vogeleer, who was also called "Jimmy the Belgian", came to the meeting, too, but he was not an American veteran, nor had he been associated with the American government or the American war in Indo-China." clearly demonstrates that Mr. Fife has no knowledge of Vogeleer's  wartime activities whatsoever


Ed. note: A letter, signed Ltc. Jim Duvall (ret.), sent to an English-language tabloid newspaper in Pattaya, the Pattaya Mail, August 12 - 19, 2004, was attached to the comment:: http://www.pattayamail.com/576/letters.shtml   




A reply to the comment of Kym Ryan (above) from Richard Kane (for Nick Fife), December 16, 2006:


In a visitor's comment sent to this website on August 29, 2006, Kym Ryan identified himself as a former member of the VFW China Post One. He claimed to have been familiar with Bangkok's bar scene. He made several remarks, as if speaking with knowledge and authority, and attached an item published in a small English-language tabloid in Thailand several years ago to support his remarks.


Doing some checking, I learned that Mr. Ryan was an American who joined the VFW post out of a bar in Bangkok long ago and stopped paying his dues after one year. 


A small article (Ed: a letter to the editors) in a local tabloid (Ed.: Pattaya Mail, http://www.pattayamail.com/576/letters.shtml ), about two years old (Ed.: 2004), which Mr. Ryan attached to his comment, was signed by another person, Jim Duvall, with the abbreviation, "Ltc", indicating the military rank of an army lieutenant colonel, preceding the name.


The U. S. Veterans Administration (VA) and the American Legion have no record for Ltc. Jim Duvall, or anyone by that name (or possible variations of it) anywhere. Also, persons in Thailand (and elsewhere) who would know him and about a military unit that he claimed to represent replied that they had never heard of him or the unit.


The first name "Jim" is probably a nickname. 


Numerous details in the attached tabloid article (Ed.: a letter) appeared to be erroneous. For example, the article (Ed.: letter) mentioned a particular "military assistance" unit in Thailand but I could find no official or credible record of it. There are several dubious websites about it, with vague details, that appear to have been posted by crackpots. The tabloid article (Ed.: the letter) implied official American government involvement. If such a unit existed it was not an American unit. 


On November 22 and 27, I received email messages from Jim Duvall, in response to my inqueries about this particular unit. He claimed that the unit had been a Royal Thai army "unit with NATO advisors". I asked him for more specific details about the unit. Above all, I wanted to know if it was involved with the American government in any way. Duvall did not reply. (Ed.: A leading military intelligence analyst believes that such a unit, if it ever existed, could only have been a C. I. A. unit.)

There are all sorts of kooks, boasting and recounting false stories and making claims of involvement in CIA operations, in bars in Thailand. Without proper documentary confirmation of the details mentioned in the tabloid article (Ed.: letter), I can only assume that it was planted for dubious reasons.


One should remember that to make false claims to be (or to have been) in the U. S. military is a criminal offense.



An email message, March 21, 2007


Kim Ryan mentions "wartime activities". He is talking about Guillaume Vogeleer and the Americans in Southeast Asia.


Vogeleer was not in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War (1945 - 1975). The Americans closed up shop in 1975. So, any wartime activities in Southeast Asia after that could not involve Americans.


D. B. Jones, St. Louis, Mo. 






A comment from -----------------------, Pattaya, Thailand, June 11, 2007


I have lived in Thailand for more than fifty years. I’ve traveled about the region. I am familiar with the entire length of Thailand’s borders. I saw a lot of the border areas in the late 1970s and early 1980s. I am familiar with the Thai police and armed forces.


I never heard of Guillaume Vogeleer (or a "Jimmy the Belgian") or any of the outfits that he is supposed to have belonged to that were mentioned in the tabloid notice. I can assure you, I would have known about them if they were relevant.


One of those outfits, which I suspect to be a joke, never answers mail or telephone calls, and never responds to email inquiries.


I do recall hearing about a Belgian mercenary in the early 1980's hanging around some of the bars in the Patpong bar district of Bangkok. Apparently, he was a friend of some American ex-CIA agents   -   but they were all notorious drinkers and bull-shitters. No one took anything they said seriously. He claimed   -   or others claimed on his behalf   -   that he had done all sorts of things on the Thai border. I found only French mercenaries on the border involved in training and combat.


Some of these bull-shitters, or others like them, especially in bars, were involved in the narcotics trade and tried to cover up with talk of helping insurgents and refugees and even by making small donations to charities, like orphanages.




Identifying the Odd Balls for Vogeleer


A message from David T. Byrd, Dublin, Ireland, July 31, 2009


I read the postings on this website about the Belgian, Guillaume Vogeleer.


I saw Vogeleer once, many years ago, on Soi Pat Pong, Bangkok’s red-light district.


He was not someone you could pick out from the crowd. He was shorter than most Thais. He kept to himself. He frequented bars that were favorites of American army veterans and seemed to be friends with American ex-CIA agents in Thailand. When I asked about Vogeleer somebody gave him a big build-up. He was an ex-mercenary. He was a general in the Thai army. He was well-connected. He could sub-contract killings and kidnappings and arrange drug deals, gem deals, and smuggle anything through personnel of numerous local embassies, etc. He was also a body-guard for movie stars.


I didn’t believe any of it, of course.


In 2004, someone by the name of Jim Duvall sent a letter of tribute about Vogeleer, who died in 1999, to the Pattaya Mail (Vol. XII No. 33 - Thursday August 12 - August 19, 2004; http://www.pattayamail.com/576/letters.shtml).

I lived in Asia from the 1960s to the 1980s.

I traveled through Laos with the Laotian Resistance several times in the years after the communist take-over in December 1975. The Resistance was composed of Laotians living in small refugee camps in Thailand along the border. They operated clandestinely, often without the support of the CIA or Thai military.


I met journalists and ex-military men across the Thai border with the Burmese, Cambodian, Laotian and Vietnamese Resistance. I ran into Thai army intelligence officers many times   -   but on the Thai side of the border.  


I never saw Vogeleer or Duvall or ever heard of them.


Much, much later, however, I heard a number of things about Vogeleer, but they did not check out.


In his letter to the Pattaya Mail, Duvall claimed to be a “lieutenant colonel”. He claimed also that Vogeleer was “a commander of the 1st Detachment (Airborne) Thailand (Project “Freedom Fighters Forces”)”, “a life member of US Special Operations Association,” and that Vogeleer had been “assigned to different commands like ISOC, Royal Thai Special Forces, Border Rangers” by the Thai army.


The ISOC is an acronym for the Thai army's Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) which secretly rounded up and killed suspected leftists in Thailand during the 1970s and 1980s.


Recently, I came across a website for the 1st Detachment (Airborne) Thailand (Project “Freedom Fighters Forces”); www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Quarters/5166//). It is a very inexpert posting by an uneducated 

individual. Because Vogeleer is the only person mentioned on this website, it gives the impression that its information is false and that it was posted for dubious reasons, perhaps in response to Mr. Blackstone’s website.


There are several photos on this “1st Detachment” website (http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Quarters/5166/images.htm) that I would like to identify.


One photo caption identifies several men and women in uniform as “Officers of the 1st Detachment (Abn) Don Muang RTAFB”. There are one or two Caucasian males in the photo. Who are they? Can anyone in the photo be identified?


David T. Byrd

Portsmouth, New Hampshire


P. S.: I don't believe the story that Vogeleer was a Thai citizen or a general in the Thai army. And so what if he was? Thai army generals are a dime a dozen. Most of them never see combat. Every Tom, Dick and Harry married to a Thai woman has a Thai army general for a father-in-law.


Talk to American veterans of the Vietnam War. The ones who fought. Many of them had a low opinion of Thai soldiers during Vietnam. After the Vietnam War, there were a lot of Thai soldiers worshipping Nazis  -  always the sign of a loser. 


The best Thai soldiers are the marines.